A Sober New Year
December 30th, 2011

A Sober New Year

These things are bound to happen. And, for the record, Captain America is drinking a Budweiser.

This one goes out to all the people trying to stay sober on a night like New Year’s Eve. Most people’s main goal on NYE is to drink as much as possible, so stay strong and think of Iron Man.

Thanks to all of our readers who made this year great! I hope you guys all have fun this weekend. And be safe. At least we know Tony’s not going to be flying around drunk out there.



  1. Markus Seaberry

    Wow. I love this strip.


  2. Jason

    Clint, leave the alcoholism to the professionals, people like Tony.


  3. JoeAconite

    Avengers Drinking List
    Hank Pym: Teetotaler (His last Microbrew tried to kill everyone)
    Thor: Asgardian Mead or Mike’s Hard Lemonade(His secret shame)
    Hulk: Tequila (Drinking that stuff makes the nicest guy a monster)
    Wasp: Zima (Girly and not around anymore)
    Iron Man: Whiskey (A weekly mind wipe by his Illuminati buddy, Prof X, and it’s all good)
    Cap: American Beer (He still crashes Oktoberfests to punch people. Like the “good old days”.)
    Hawkeye: Takes shot after shot of about anything (Only misses the bar stool and urinal later on)
    Black Widow: Vodka with Cranberry (The same for her target but they get a roofie chaser)
    Scarlet Witch: Everclear (That HAS to explain Avengers Disassembled)


  4. Bill McGann

    Cap is drinking Buttwiper? It’s not American owned anymore. Better to be drinking Samuel Adams.


  5. Jordjevic

    The velvet rope in that second panel is the Mona Lisa’s Smile of webcomics.
    It’s that little touch that elevates the entire thing onto a completely transcendent plane.


  6. Mnk

    Ultimate Iron Man, on the other hand, has probably designed a new, more powerful liver for himself, just for the occasion.


  7. geekbrotherstalking

    heh. thanks guys, i probably wasn’t gonna drink tonight anyway, but it’s real nice to know that two guys as great as you have my back, and you offered support in a FUNNY way instead of an annoying condescending way. cheers and happy sober new year.


  8. SeanNOLA

    A Chris Haley’d Hawkeye is really all I ever wanted out of life. I can die happy now.


  9. Pj Perez

    The argument over what beer Captain America drinks is irrelevant: Captain America drinks milk. Whole.


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