The First Let’s Be Friends Again-Mas
December 23rd, 2011

The First Let’s Be Friends Again-Mas

And that, children, is the true story of how Curt and Chris first met and a life-long friendship based on comics and indentured servitude began.

You can open one present tonight and then it’s off to bed!

Well look at that!

It’s a very special LBFA Presents: T’was the Night Before Comics Christmas Special for ComicsAlliance!

Be sure to leave a comment over there and let us know if you like it and if it fits okay. We know how fast you kids outgrow Christmas Specials for ComicsAlliance!

Merry Christmas/Happy Holidays to you all!



  1. Captain Marvelous

    Wait, “His eyes a soft red, I felt warmth as we rose”? Did…did Superman blow that plane up with his laser vision? And is he going to melt that poor child? D:


    Joe Reply:

    HA! Dig the screen name.


    Liamtime Reply:

    NNNO! He warmed the wee lad with some low-level heat vision BECAUSE HE’S A SWELL GUY!


  2. Joel Priddy

    It’s funny because it’s true.


  3. Matt Drane

    This and the Comics Alliance special were wonderful. Thanks guys. Merry Christmas!


  4. Lightning

    I like to think that This isn’t actually a picture of Curt receiving Chris as a present, but instead it’s Chris being given the gift of belonging to Curt.


  5. JasmineP

    hahaha, this actually made me laugh out loud.


  6. JoeAconite

    And to look at his costume, that was iconic and fine, not the new 52 crap, with extraneous line.


    chrishaley Reply:


    Nicely done, sir.


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