December 22nd, 2011


You win a prize if you knew what Bane was saying the first time you watched the new Dark Knight Rises trailer.



  1. JoeAconite

    The Santa Prisca Dental Association and Gerber would like to thank the Dark Knight Rises for it’s support.


  2. Jonno

    I knew what he said when i first saw the trailer. however when i saw the prologue for the first time I didn’t understand most of what he said


  3. Cekes

    “When gotham is ashes, you have permission to die.” I understood him just fine. Maybe English not being my native language gives me an advantage


  4. Morlock

    As Cekes said i could under stand him perfectly…and with the mask it actually makes him MORE menacing… maybe people are all watching the trailer while doing other things and not paying attention?


  5. Azreal Darkchyld

    I had a harder time understanding Gordan in the hospital bed than Bane.

    …still wish they had of given him a Luchador mask though.


  6. Pj Perez

    I’m with Azreal – It wasn’t just Bane, Gordon was hard to understand … f*ck, everything was muzzled.


  7. Rizz Rustbolt

    Ooo! Ooo! What’d I win?

    Is it a cookie?


  8. Liz

    I understood him just fine the first time, and english is my native language.


  9. petes12

    sooo I definitely understood him in the trailer. I heard he was bad in the preview but I haven’t seen that but if it’s just like the trailer, then I’m confused as to what the problem is.


  10. petes12

    prologue not preview


  11. Patrick

    Think I might be the only one who had no trouble understanding him at all.


  12. UncannyJay

    That face will haunt me long after I’m dead.


  13. Lightning

    The entirety of Dark Knight Rises is just going to be Batman and Bane each attempting to be as unintelligible as possible when they speak.
    It’ll be Grumbles vs Mumbles.


  14. Stu

    Understood him fine in the Trailer, and most of what he said in the prologue, and I only saw a crappy leak of THAT. I hope this whole issue doesn’t turn into Balevoice 2.0, and I got really sick of that.


  15. hayduke666

    Batman asking a bad guy “Are you okay?” really made me laugh. Good one :)


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