December 12th, 2011


BIG UPS (is that still a thing we say?) to Zeus Comics in Dallas, TX and all the awesome artists and partiers who came out to the live art show on Saturday! Chris and I had a ton of fun being there and I hope you guys will enjoy our episode of The Variants when it releases.

Hope all you players are having a happy pre-holidays.


Also, this happened while we were in Dallas..


And while you’re here, get in our forum and check out the Behind the Scenes stuff and more.



  1. Koltreg

    That is my favorite picture.


  2. Euge

    I know what everyone is thinking. And yes, we were looking at a page with actual tittays on it.


  3. Pj Perez

    Nice eye-roll.


  4. Pj Perez

    Hey, is this like the Negative Universe version of LBFA?


  5. Agent Orange

    That is the greatest picture in all the universe.

    Three well-dressed gentlemen gazing at artistic breasts.


  6. JoeAconite

    Even a sinus infection deserves the Lorne Greene dramatic pose from the original Battlestar Galactica.


    This has to be the best ad for kids to start reading comics ever.
    “Remember kids, artistic comics can lead to boob shots!” *The More You Know


  7. Markus Seaberry

    Nice strip. I like the fact that Curt is wearing a shirt that says Star Wars.


  8. Lightning

    I just felt that this needed to be done. And likely would have sooner or later anyway.


  9. Joseph Brian Scott

    So is he lying on top of the top sheet in the first panel? Or did he just pull his underpants over his head? Well, however it plays out, hope he feels better.


  10. A Silver Mt. Paektu

    You three are way too well-dressed and good-looking to be comic nerds from this universe. It’s obvious you somehow found your way here from Earth-408; the reality where lacrosse players suffer from social anxiety and have a collective reputation for poor hygiene.


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