November 30th, 2011


Dammit, Hulk. We know the handicap stall is the best stall. We’d all love to use it. It has that awesome bar to hold onto, so much extra space for you to chill out and relax, or chillax as my mom always says. But, no, we have to give up that comfort, that pleasure, to others who actually need it. So next time, just hold it or use a regular stall.

Sidenote: does Hulk poop shrink when he turns into Bruce Banner or does Banner always have to really get after it when he transforms back? I have a college degree.

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So, yeah. I love you, too.



  1. MartiniManJoe

    Wait whose the third dude in white and blue how do I know not know this guys!!!!!

    Dear LBFA,
    We want more crutches!!!!
    all of us


  2. Dean

    They’re obviously using the bathroom from Ally McBeal.

    God, I’m old.


  3. Joseph Brian Scott

    I’ve often wondered what happens when the Phantom Limb wipes himself.


  4. Euge

    Everyone knows that Prof X has a built in toilet in that magical floating wheelchair.


  5. Scott

    I think the guy in the middle is Gravity. I’m not sure why he or Daredevil requires a handicapped stall.


  6. Ziah grace

    Scott. You’re not sure why Daredevil, the BLIND superhero needs a handicapped stall? Nah, just joshing. I really don’t understand the Gravity one though. I never read his solo series? Anyone volunteering backstory for someone too scared of those Wikipedia personal request people?


  7. Jason

    It’s not Gravity but Calamity from The Order. He has cybernetic legs.


  8. Jason

    Heh . . . I thought that was Gravity as well. But now I noticed that the chest emblem is different. Gravity’s thing involves four arrows, right?


  9. Dan

    I would argue that Hulkism counts as a handicap where bathroom stalls are concerned.


  10. Lightning

    I know that being blind is a handicap and whatever, but do blind people actually need to use the handicap stall? It seems to me more like something designed for physically disabled people. I mean, a bigger stall isn’t going to make it easier for a blind person to aim properly.


    o0o Reply:

    Daredevil’s heightened super-hearing and (I assume) super-pee-hole-feeling should allow him to aim with far greater accuracy than a sighted person.


  11. Daniel McBatman

    Remember that time that people were debating the levels of handicapitude after seeing a comic about The Hulk droppin’ a twosie?


  12. Jerel

    I just noticed that bringing the mouse over the donate button changes the image. Probably never noticed because I have no money to donate XD


  13. Jason

    I remember how Wizard’s letters column was filled with questions about how Daredevil would know when he’s done wiping. I think it ended with one reader writing, “He doesn’t wipe. He’s the Man Without Fear.”


  14. Rizz Rustbolt

    Hulk weighs over 500 pounds. He is legally entitled to use the handicapped stall.

    Or he would be, if he didn’t drop gamma-irradiated deuces that violate the hazardous waste laws of most states.

    But as long as he’s in Florida or Texas, he’s free to let fly in style in the handicapped stalls.


  15. lynn

    i like how everyone has a definite answer for every scenario that could possible exist in superhero land. and how toilet humor is always the fan favorite.


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