Guest Comic by Matt Wilson and Daniel Butler
November 25th, 2011

Guest Comic by Matt Wilson and Daniel Butler

Happy Thanksgiving, folks.

Chris is all up inside and around Texas, so today’s heaping helping of comic-book style japery comes from the creators of robot detective noir webcomic Copernicus Jones. And, in the interest of full transparency, they are both pals of ours. Just keeping everything above board, here.

Sale still occurring! Art still available! Shirts still looking awesome.

Until Monday, dear readers…



  1. JoeAconite

    Justice League #27
    Page 12
    Snapper Carr: Cyborg prototype and assassin for hire reveals his working for Checkmate.


  2. Gopher

    I haven’t read any of the third issues, and only half of the second issues so the joke is a bit lost on me.


    Mix Master Space Dracula Reply:

    The joke is that throughout the new Justice League comics, there has been a trend of introducing a new character on the last page. And then having that new character act like a complete asshole.


    mathematicscore Reply:

    And it seems like Hal is the jobber in these scenarios, often as not; Batman stole his ring, Superman clobbered him through a building, I’m not sure if Wonder Woman Pwned him yet, but it feels like it’s coming. What Johns should realize is not everyone thinks Hal is as cool as he (Geoff) thinks he is; I question how much more of this Hal can survive and not fall into Spectre/Watcher territory. “One of the most powerful beings in the universe!” but he always loses fights on camera.


  3. Niel

    Justice League issue 52, page 23


  4. Jordjevic

    Much like Werner Herzog eating his shoe, I would like to see Red Tornado earnestly try to eat the entire Justice League alive.


  5. Nightwolf

    Meh, I get the joke, but it comes off as pure snark, the JL gets so little love.:(


    Ken Lowery Reply:

    Pure snark? At LBFA?!?!?!


    deebeemonster Reply:

    True story, we cut the snark with a little bit of love.


  6. Steve-O M.

    Love the dig – and did anyone notice that the “last page” jerky character reveal keeps moving up? 21, 20, 18…just how I feel plunking down $3.99 for less book each month. Nice touch.


  7. Lightning

    I love how Red Tornado has a completely unnecessary nose-ring. It absolutely seems like the type of silly design they’d toss on him.


  8. UncannyJay

    I would read a book with those Wonder Twins like it was my damn job.


  9. pablo

    dudes, you just make red tornado awesome.
    he was only awesome in Young Justice.


    Jim Harbor Reply:

    BT:TBATB think otherwise….


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