November 11th, 2011


I know we’ve all heard the stereotype that Asians contain a lot of carbon disulfide, but that’s not cool, Galactus.

Not cool at all.



  1. JonHex

    Trying to get my head around another planet having Asians.


  2. JonHex

    Galactus’s face in that first panel is so hilarious to me for some reason.


    Agent Orange Reply:



  3. Benel

    Fucking made me shoot milk out of my nose….assholes.


  4. Kravis

    Was there ever a history made in which Galactus tried to feed of Ego?
    I always thought it was a good concept.
    But it’s such an obvious ideia, it must’ve (or at least should) have been done.


  5. anville

    I am so un-hip but is this a reference to “Fear of Black Planet?” :=0


  6. Joseph Brian Scott

    Why is everyone always drinking milk when they read this blog? I’m starting to think they do it on purpose.


  7. Locke

    Tune in next time for when Galactus unveils his new helmet, which JUST COINCIDENTALLY HAPPENS to be pointy and white.


  8. Markus Seaberry

    Pretty funny.


  9. Jack

    Galactus just says what we’re all thinking.


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