November 9th, 2011


No “girlfriend” can compare to the lip-smackering taste of a fresh Hostess pie!

In other news, I think Seanbaby’s page dedicated to Hostess pies was the first thing I ever thought was funny on the internet. Also, something something Ate My Balls.



  1. Mxy

    I am laughing out loud as I type this. It’s been a few minutes now and I’m getting worried.


  2. MartiniManJoe

    Haley this is awesome, love the art…..Curt you never had balls but I’m thinkin this is a joke I dont get.


    o0o Reply:

    I pity the Fool who don’t like BALLS!


  3. bskb

    That is the funniest thing I’ve seen in ages. Bravo.


  4. Dan

    I’m so glad that they print “Advertisement” on the image these days, ’cause I was unable to distinguish between the ad and the narrative panels as a kid. I just presumed that taking a mid-battle snack break was good for warding off fatigue.


  5. Rhymes McFist

    This may be my most favorite Let’s Be Friends Again ever.
    This may be my most favorite ANYTHING ever.


  6. deebeemonster

    Guys I just wanted to say that I liked this when you posted it like 5 hours ago. I just saw it again and I laughed again like I had when I saw it the first time. You guys are simply the best.


  7. Zombie-man

    Oh my god! That was fucking brilliant!!!


  8. James McEwan

    This made me that crazy person laughing out loud in the office!


  9. Pj Perez

    It really says something about me that when I saw this, the only thing I could think was “In old four-color comics, red would have printed solid, not been composed of benday dots.” I am an asshole.

    On a side note, Seanbaby was also one of the first hilarious things I discovered on the internet. Maybe about the same time as Gone and Forgotten. But I was already old by then.


  10. SeanNOLA

    I believe what you MEANT was HUBIG’S pies:


  11. Jim Kakalios

    I’m sorry – but I must protest. When the webbing reached her Gwen Stacy was travelling at approximately 95 miles per hour (neglecting air resistance). The webbing has to stop the fruit pie in order for Spidey to haul it back to the top fo the bridge. Thus the decelleration the webbing must exert is roughly is approximately 8.67 g’s (that is, 8.67 times the accelertaion due to gravity). Thus the fruit snack should be a crumbled mess when Spider-Man tries to eat it.

    I’m sorry, but the scenario you described in this “cartoonical drawing” is pure fantasy.

    Your Friendly Neighborhood Physics Professor,

    Jim Kakalios


    Kadin Reply:

    False, Hostess Fruit Pies are indestructible.

    Also, the comic doesn’t actually show when the webbing reaches and attaches to the pie. For all you know, the central panel is the point at which it has stopped, rather than when the webbing reached it.


    guayec Reply:

    More important even: are Gwen’s coat inside pockets inverted? How come the webbing reached the pie coming upside down, from Gwen’s body perspective?
    This comic is clearly full of shit.


  12. somedudeguyman

    Can’t stop laughing. This is pure genius.


  13. KR

    I ctrl+f’d the comments and nobody went “Oh snap!” Did the internet suddenly become classy when I wasn’t looking?


  14. Rae

    Oh, KR, the internet is never classy.
    Good thing I keep this on hand:


  15. Locke

    You could just make a series of strips taking tragic moments in comics and changing them so that they revolve around Hostess Fruit Pies.


  16. Ramin

    i understand this use a few minutes, laugh!


  17. Juan Carlos Partidas

    Hahaha….. amazingly funny!!!!! :D


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