We like them.
November 7th, 2011

We like them.

Yeah, you can enjoy that new Manara collection on a lot of deep levels.

Thanks to David Uzumeri and David Brothers for being our erudite reviewers.



  1. megazver

    manara teetees are legendary


  2. chris g

    lol, this is like the old man who died jerking off in the bathroom in Clerks. “No the other one, they draw bigger titties on that one!”


  3. Euge

    is that me? I mean, I def get anime eyes whenever I see dem tittays.


    Beefy Reply:

    i thought the same thing.
    and do the same thing.
    dem tittays demand anime eyes


    chrishaley Reply:

    Of course it’s you, man. Do we know a third dude besides you?


  4. adam ford

    not being familiar with manara I just googled up a preview of X-Women #1 and – seriously? “Oh Psylocke, hold me like we’re fucking as you fly me out of danger!” “Oh Rachel, hug me like we’re about to fuck as I arrive in the nick of time to rescue you!” “Oh Storm, please show us your firm round ass as you fly through your own lightning storm!”



    Jim Harbor Reply:

    My Favorite part is when Rachel says her skanky out id “part of the Job” as if she KNOWS the power of Manara.


  5. david brothers

    This strip is 100% accurate, and will serve as a nice chapter in my forthcoming autobiography.


  6. pablo

    half of the times im one way or the another.


  7. D.Christ_Anderson

    I love how Mr. Brothers brings some class to the table by showing up to the reading party in full SHIELD regalia.

    Well done, sir. Well done.


  8. lynn

    oh, children. i’ll bet girls never get together to look at comics while squealing “DIIIIICKS!”


    Becca Reply:

    Really? Just take a look at any comic character’s tag on tumblr.


    Rach Reply:

    Well, it’s usually “DIIIIIIICK’S ASS!” instead of “DIIIIIIIIICKS.”

    Work it, Mr. Grayson.


    mathematicscore Reply:

    Also, there is a blog entitled “Green Lantern Butts Forever!” run by a woman.


  9. Rach

    (Though the eyecandy we ladies get is almost never as gratuitously sexually objectifying as all dem titties. Insert bitter eyeroll at the comics industry and entertainment in general here.)


  10. lynn

    second that! http://akee861.files.wordpress.com/2011/05/8827_400x6002.jpg


  11. iggzy

    While I have/do “enjoy” Manara like in the last panel, I have to say that legitimately the main reason I love his work is that the art truly is terrific.


  12. SexyBlackPat

    ah man! i was hoping that *I* was that black shield agent! ;)


  13. Juan Carlos Partidas

    Hahahaha…. so true!!!!! ;D


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  17. Angelika

    Awsome article.


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