My socks.
November 2nd, 2011

My socks.

Our Love Is Real is the comic in question and it’s one of the smartest sci-fi satires I’ve ever read. The premise seems like a lost Twilight Zone episode where we open on a world where humans have broadened their sexual appetites to include animals, vegetables and minerals. Not content to just talk about how fucking weird a world like that might be, Sam Humphries and Steven Sanders get deep into sex and love and how separate the two actually can be.

The comic is a one-shot, so I won’t say much else for fear of spoiling anybody’s discovery of it. Just know that this comic says more about human love than any I’ve read in the last few years. Give it a shot. It came out in stores today from Image and it stands out with it’s square format and man-humping-dog cover.

I don’t really shill for comics that often, but when one as good and original as this comes out, well, I feel like it’s our duty to tell people about it.



  1. Flash Fact

    Flop Sweat Nielsen Man returns! I dub him, “Niel.”


  2. Dylan

    @Flash Fact: Sadly, Flop Sweat Nielsen Man already has a name. And that name is “Jason.”


  3. Phil

    “Now that people don’t have to worry about aids, or whatever disease, look at all the wacky hijinks people will get themselves into.”

    “Now that people don’t have to worry about sodomy laws, look at all the wacky hijinks people will get themselves into.”

    Forgive me for drawing the obvious, offensive parallels. Perhaps the author did not mean to do so. It doesn’t change the fact that it is offensive and obviously so.

    But who knows. Maybe I’m just one of those people that just don’t “get it”.


    Curt Reply:


    It ain’t even like that. It doesn’t use that premise to cast any judgements on anything. I’d at least give it a shot to see if it can get around your expectations if I were you.


  4. Zakspeed

    Very, very gross. And that says something because I’m not some P.C. ninny. I am grossed out like once every decade or so.


  5. Grover

    [Mostly Joking]R Stevens has been covering this territory for years.[/Mostly Joking]


  6. PunchingReality

    Seriously? It’s not common knowledge by now that Sex & Love are mutually exclusive?


    Rizz Rustbolt Reply:

    You’re doing it wrong.


    PunchingReality Reply:

    Considering all the fun I’ve had without emotional hang-ups, shouting matches, screeching irrationalities, and orgies I thought would only take place in fantasies, I beg to differ…


    Rizz Rustbolt Reply:

    But all the shouting matches, screeching irrationality, and emotional hang-ups are what make the sex so good.

    destro Reply:

    protip: “Screeching irrationalities” fyi, is what tipped you off as a misogynist.

    Chris Sims Reply:

    You throwin’ negs and bouncing to a C3 comfort-building zone after you upload your persona into their minds, bro? Hook a bro up with the techs.

    Jordjevic Reply:

    “orgies i thought would only take place in fantasies”
    are… are you literally living inside the universe of a porno?

    PunchingReality Reply:

    @ destro – You can call me a misogynist all you want. I’ve never seen a relationship (be it homosexual, or heterosexual) where one partner wasn’t so emotionally volatile as to scream irrational and unfair things just because it feels good to them. If that’s what’s required for “romance” leave me out. I’m more than happy to be a bachelor for life who doesn’t have to deal with someone expecting me to read their mind and know why they’re mad just to have sex.

    Love is an emotional transaction involving trusting someone with your feelings. Sex is physical. They’re not automatically tied to one another, and I’m the happier, calmer, & saner for it.

    PunchingReality Reply:

    @ Jordjevic – When you don’t feel an obligation to love the person that you’re having sex with, Group sex is a lot easier to come by.

    In my experience, and this may only apply to me, Love only complicates what should be a simple, fun time for all.

  7. Amy

    I’d read a few pages from Our Love Is Real a few months ago, maybe on Comics Alliance, and thought it seemed like something I’d like, then promptly forgot all about it. From what i can tell, the issues it brings up are things i think about all the time (not the doin’ it with rocks part but the sex vs love stuff you know what i mean) Thanks for reminding me! PS Can I borrow someone’s copy of Our Love Is Real


  8. Sam Humphries



  9. Euge

    Our Love Is Real is an amazing comic in every way.


  10. lighthousepilot

    You had me at vegetable sex. I mean…


  11. mnk

    Thanks for the recommendation, that comic was fucking amazing. So twisted, in all the right ways.

    “Does this make me GAY?”


  12. chudleycannonfodder

    So is the mohawk gone for good?


  13. Beebrains

    This doesn’t describe science fiction, this describes real life:


  14. PunchingReality

    In Regards to the comic itself, ‘Our Love Is Real’ – its a masterfully, and cleverly written book about how to fit an entire world into one issue of a comic. The art is a bit confusing on some panels, but never misses any other beat. For reason’s mentioned above, the themes don’t quite grab me as they may others, but that doesn’t take away from the way the story was constructed.

    Anytime a comic book gives me absolutely nothing that I expected and was still excellent, I’m happy.


  15. Andrew

    Question, how does the comic say you can fuck a vegetable, or find enough of a mineral like fieldspar to fuck let alone the physical impossibilities of fucking a piece of rock or metal


  16. DEEZ

    More about human love than any comic you’ve read in the last few years? You betta check out Elephantmen if you haven’t already (particularly everything that came out in 2011). OLIR is dope too tho


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