Tender Man
October 24th, 2011

Tender Man

Fear not, dear readers, for the fate of Chris and Curt and their new silent and mysterious friend is… TO BE CONTINUED.

Chris and I hit Nashville’s Geek Media Expo this past weekend and had a great time sitting next to the guys responsible for the great YouTube series Marble Hornets. If you’re not familiar, the story begins when a friend is examining his missing buddy’s tapes and starts to notice something unnatural on them. Namely, Slender Man.

Not only is their series the most well done of all the Slender Man mythos shoot-offs, they’re very nice guys, way nicer than you’d think a group of college students who run around the woods in Alabama scaring people would be.

And so we co-opt Slender Man for our own use for this, the first in a Halloween spook-o-rama.

SLAY you soon, my friends…



  1. Jordan

    Holy crap. I’m reading this on my phone and have it zoomed so I only see one panel at a time. I got to he final panel and freaked the hell out. My dog didn’t know what to think of all my whining. And I haven’t looked at the panel again. Slender man is freaky shit. Good job on getting that down pat.


  2. MartiniManJoe

    Duuuuude I just watched the intro…um no nope cant do it….ill say it blair witch scared me enough


  3. Matt-o

    Duuude, as a long-time viewer of MH, you should at least try to make it to #6. Then if you watch some of the parodies people made about it, you won’t ever be scared of Slender Man again.

    Not that MH is ONLY scary because of Slender Man. But, you get the drift.


  4. algeya

    the suspense is killing me, that mistery guy/thing is at least 3 mts high!


  5. Emilie H.

    I am going to pretend that my comic book ( of yours) holds the rough rough outline for this comic strip!

    The girl who asked you to draw Slenderman in her comic book
    – paid for w/ a $2 bill

    Great job guys!!!


  6. o0o

    Marble Hornets season 1 was surprisingly good for a youtube show.


  7. victorward

    I still get super excited every time you guys do a strip about something I know about. I AM IN THE KNOW, AND IT FEELS NICE.


  8. Markus Seaberry

    I’m not really up on Slender Man, but that last panel just looks creepy.


  9. lynn

    Well, i guess I don’t get it either then. I am in the not know, as per usual. Is that Pumpkin head in the last panel…or is it Jack Skellington?


    Locke Reply:

    Gee, I dunno. If only they had identified that mysterious, thin, almost, I daresay, SLENDER fellow for us. If they HAD done so, certainly they would have within some sort of blog post below the comic, which you would have had to scroll past to comment?

    But that’d be crazy. Who knows who that guy is.


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