Though it is… illogical.
October 19th, 2011

Though it is… illogical.

If I’m not terribly mistaken, the first issue of IDW’s Star Trek/Legion of Super Heroes crossover (written by our pal and fantastic funnybook writer, Chris Roberson) came out today. Check out this preview.

We are excited to read it.

Hopefully, the mirror universe Darkseid will show up with a goatee at some point and be a totally nice dude.

As a friendly reminder, if you’d like to buy a sweetass print of this comic strip (or any of our comic strips) that is a thing you can do by visiting our store.

In not at all related news, Curt and I will be at the Geek Media Expo (billed as “the next-generation multi-fandom convention experience”) in Nashville, TN this weekend. I imagine we will not be fantastically smashed AT ALL for the entire show, so please come say hello to us. Or just come look at us and don’t say anything, as though we were animals in a zoo. Pretend the table we are behind is that ditch they use to keep the polar bears from getting out and eating you.

In even less related news, here is some art I did for our good friend, Jen Vaughn, and a charitable cause involving H.P. Lovecraft:

His brain's on it's way to Pluto.

The charitable cause in question is the Main Street Museum Floodraiser with Joseph A. Citro and H.P. Lovecraft.
Steve Bissette explains it here and you can check out the museum’s site here.



  1. SexyBlackPat!

    oh this is awesome guys :)


  2. The Real Derek

    Your best art yet, Chris. Very nice.


  3. matt drane

    I agree, best yet. Well done gentlemen.


  4. Jim Ryan

    Nice! Someone should forward this to David Gerrold; he’d get a real big kick from it…


  5. Joseph Brian Scott

    I want Tellus to do the fan dance.


  6. JonHex

    Mirror Darkseid is summoned by Mirror Forever Furies.


  7. adam ford

    I have read the first issue and it is indeed balls nasty.


  8. Gopher

    As someone who knows nothing about the LoSH, and very little about Star Trek, I have to ask: What are those fuzzy things in the last panel?


    Dan Reply:


  9. Markus Seaberry

    Nice strip. Tribbles are awesome!!


  10. lighthousepilot

    Dude, your art just keeps getting better. I just gave you an awkward, virtual pat on the back.


  11. Joel

    I have no idea what just happened. Maybe because I’m not a trekkie.


  12. Rusty

    I don’t get it. Do they drown DS in a sea of toupees?


  13. Joey

    Smiling Spock creeps me out!


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