The Gutters
October 12th, 2011

The Gutters

Now you’re really, really understanding comics.

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  1. BJ Mesloh



  2. Darktouch

    Well this was educational. I always thought that area was called the bleed. So if I get this right, that’s called the gutter and things that aren’t supposed to be in there are called the bleed? I could still be wrong however.


    JasmineP Reply:

    Bleeds are when the image goes to the edges of a page, like in a splash image where the art generally leaves no boarder around the image. Gutters are generally the spaces in between panels.

    I think it’s all print terminology, I’m in a relief print class and we had the choice of printing with a bleed or boarder, but I’m not sure where gutter came into play.


  3. Jim Kakalios


    I could be wrong, but my understanding is that the “bleed” is the edging around the artwork that goes up to the lines around the page itself, whereas the “gutter” refers to the space between panels. Every page will have one bleed (on the four sides of the page) but depending on th enumber of panels there may be many or no gutters.

    As I said, I could be mistaken. This is what I have inferred from reprints of original artwork.


    The Real Derek Reply:

    This is correct. To be specific, the bleed is the area around the outside of a print piece (typically about an 1/8 of an inch) that it is adjacent to where the page will be cut. Important art will be kept out of this bleed area, as it could be snipped off if the page is cut incorrectly. /endprintfacts


  4. Joel Priddy

    Oh dear.


    chrishaley Reply:

    Are we in trouble?


  5. JoJo



  6. chris graves

    lol, feels like i’ve been bad touched by this strip!

    i got about halfway through but never finished reading Understanding Comics. Maybe because I’ve read enough comics over the years to absorb their tricks and techniques and try my own hand at it with my own comics, so reading it kinda makes me go “yeah, yeah PFFT!”


  7. Markus Seaberry

    Interesting. I was given Understanding Comics as a gift, and if I ever find it again, I’ll probably read it. This was hilarious, guys.


  8. Nataniel

    I read both Understanding and Reinventing Comics and loved them very much. Great strip!



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  11. Heather Evans

    I think the orange parts are supposed to represent engine I think it’s to scale but I don’t know, OP can let us


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