When you know what’s coming
September 28th, 2011

When you know what’s coming

The revamped Ultimate Spider-Man has been great, but using a little meta-textual analysis could probably save your life if you’re one of Miles Morales’ family members. He’s gotta learn that stuff about responsibility somewhere.

In other news:

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  1. Mike X

    If I was him I just wouldn’t get on a plane seeing as Peter’s parents died of a plane crash


  2. Justin Peniston

    This is the funniest strip I’ve thus far read here. I NEVER actually “laugh out loud,” but this got me. Thank god my girlfriend is making a Yogurtland run, so I don’t have to explain something funny that she would not appreciate.


  3. UncannyJay

    Oh man, now I actually am worried Miles’ dad is gonna kick it at some point to fill the Uncle Ben role.


  4. ☆ JAGANAR ☆

    well Quesada is responsible for this since his main goal in life is to destroy the marvel good name >__>.

    new readers are gonna like it cus its something they never expected, esp with the whole thing coming out of nowhere (to them anyway). the rest of us are gonna go Meh…

    and go back to reading Lobo =3


  5. StripeyC

    All I keep thinking about is the film evolution when the guy says:

    “I’ve seen this movie, black dude dies first”


  6. Markus Seaberry

    Funny strip. I hope they don’t kill any of his family because that would seem like a crude imitation of Peter Parker’s origin story.


  7. LockNTwist

    I’m really enjoying the new USM run… I just wish they’d give us more than 20 pages for 4 bucks.

    I’ve paid for two books and got one!


  8. MartiniManJoe

    Ive always said the regular marvel universe should be the “ultimate” spider-man…..lord knows how they killed pete was the worst story bendis has done(okay hes done worse) but this is something new and fresh and I’m kinda liking it and at first I hated this idea!!!!


  9. MattyG

    I just finished Ultimate Comics Spider-Man #2. I’m actually really liking this series.


  10. Kwame

    I think it’d be interesting if Peter dying ends up being his “Uncle Ben moment” after he finds out how Pete was just a kid


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