u mad?
September 26th, 2011

u mad?

We’re not really rebooting, this is just some next-level satire stuff, you see!

It sure seems like the editors at DC are straight trolling their fans these days. I’m not one of those guys who gets mad that they don’t make every comic for “me”, whatever the hell that actually means, but a lot of the new 52 issues just seem like they’re coming from a cynical place of trying to cause controversy.

We haven’t really gotten to talk about what issues we’ve actually liked. More on that this Wednesday!



  1. Pj

    You know what though? I feel bad for the GOOD comics coming out of the “new” DC, because they’re being overshadowed by Skinny Waller, Slutty Starfire and Bat-Friends With Benefits.


    sloppyquickdraw Reply:

    I’m friends with one of the artists for the new Grifter line, and I couldn’t agree with you more.


  2. MartiniManJoe

    I liked Batman and Robin,Action Comics and Bat Woman….ok and I loved Red Hood…..dont ask me why, I know im the only one….but this feels like Image meets DC to me


    mathematicscore Reply:

    You’re not the only one. Judging by your picture, we have quite a bit in common. :)

    I am one of the few you find Winick mostly great and only occasionally troubling, so all things Red Hood are cool with me. I thought from his recent Tea Party crack and nondescript X-men stuff that I didn’t like Scott Lobdell, but then I remember I have a full run of his Generation X stuff and watched a 45+min interview with him. I now consider him a conservative and odd, but intelligent, uncle type.

    Starfire not conforming to social norms about sexuality is a cool idea. We were hit over the head with it a bit too much though, and it quickly threatens to be one dimensional; We shall see.


  3. MartiniManJoe

    Damn in the LBFA reboot Chris Haley with a Mullet is back I miss his new haircut and costume….damn reboot BS!


  4. Algeya

    Lol good one, Your strip wAs better than shortPacked slutty starfire one


    Kartos Reply:

    There’s no reason to be hating on other comics.


  5. LBFA Reboot

    I just hate how the reboot made everything so kid-friendly. It’s just whitewashing over the very real, very canon sexual tension that the classic series had in spades, and I feel like this younger generation of comic fans is missing out on that subtlety.


  6. malpertuis

    Jobs wannabes


  7. StripeyC

    LOVE the turtlenecks, will you be iLBFA?


  8. James

    So far the 2 issues i got out of this Nightwing and Green Lantern were fantastic, this wed sees me getting the remaining 3 i’m interested in
    Justice League Dark (extremely pumped for this one)
    I have a feeling that i’m gonna like these 3, alot :D


  9. Marina

    On related news: DC Comics relocates Headquarters to under Brooklin Bridge.


  10. sloppyquickdraw

    Batman and Catwoman having sex is relevant to my interests.


  11. Markus Seaberry

    I liked Static, thought JLA was “okay”, and I loved Wonder Woman #1. I think I’ll focus on those titles for now. A lot of this stuff just feels weird. I liked it better when Starfire was naive and unaware of her sex appeal. I guess after the Minx line ended, DC quit giving a crap about women readers.


    Marina, Reply:

    Gee, who would want all those lady dollars, with all those lady cooties (I mean, besides romance novels, a.k.a. the bestselling fiction genre EVER )?


  12. chrishaley

    For the record, of the ones I’ve read so far, I have enjoyed all of the following to varying degrees:

    Action Comics, Batman & Robin, Batman, Batwoman, Wonder Woman, Birds of Prey, Supergirl, Superboy, Green Lantern Corps, Nightwing, Blue Beetle, Swamp Thing, Animal Man, Captain Atom, Resurrection Man, Batwing, JLI, DC Universe Presents, and Frankenstein

    I don’t think I’ve LOVED any of them, but looking at the list like this, I’d say that’s not bad.


    Laura Reply:

    You don’t appear to have checked out Demon Knight’s yet–it’s not too late to find something to put in your “LOVED” category!

    Seriously, that one was a lot of fun with excellent art. Most everything else I’ve read has me either lukewarm and waiting for the interesting stuff to start, or hurling the book across the room and crossing another writer off the list.


  13. Rusty

    I aint even mad tho. Well I’m kinda mad that you’re both cosplaying as Steve Jobs.

    The 52 should really be, and most likely will be, reduced to about 30 or so because a lot of them are just bad, including Catwoman and the book I’ve been waiting for since the Authority abruptly ended, Stormwatch.

    However, speaking as an exhibitionist who is also partial to nudey fanart of super heroes, that last page with Bats and Cats fucking was pretty hot. If only it were not canon


  14. Andrew

    So a lot of the 52 comics = 2 comics now? Only two comics have caused controversy – Catwoman and Red Hood. I don’t consider the Action Comics discussions controversy.

    I loved everything I read and I got over 15 issues of the 52. I’m relatively new to comics and I understood why they did what they did. I prefer this as a starting point than Marvel’s approach of “let’s not reboot and just create more titles so new readers can get REALLY f-ing lost and confused”.

    I guess I don’t understand what everyone is complaining about. DC did the best job they could to try and please both new and old readers. Batman and GL were never really meant to be rebooted even though they were renumbered. Everything else for the most part was rebooted to varying degrees. They still feel like the good comics DC had put out before the re-boot/launch/rocket ship and a lot of continuity is still there. Remember, it’s also just the first issues for those stories and we still have JSA, Spaceman, Huntress, and Shazam among others to read in the near future as well.

    Was it as epic as you might have hoped? Not really. But still great comics. I REALLY loved almost every comic I got and kept every single title I’ve read on my pull list. I think that’s pretty great to be 15/15, but haters always gonna hate.


    Laura Reply:

    Don’t forget Suicide Squad. Harley Quinn’s stripperific costume change bugged some people, but Amanda Waller’s complete character overhaul got people pretty pissed.

    I get why DC wanted to do a reboot; I just wish they’d done an actually REBOOT if they had to go that route. Instead they’ve got a lot of fans wondering what’s canon and what’s not, half the new books still refer to previous events, which doesn’t make it any more accessible than just writing a story using the previous canon without leaning on it like a crutch. Does beloved character A exist? Did beloved character B turn evil? Was Babs ever Oracle, and if so, why did she demote herself back to Batgirl just because she can walk now? Stuff like that.

    I think, though, that the comic is more parodying the attitude DC has taken with any fans who expressed trepidation regarding the reboot, especially any fans mentioning female characters/creators. The PR on this may’ve stirred up new readers who will hopefully stick around, but DC could’ve done that without alienating so many old readers.

    Heck, at least Marvel gave us a fresh jump-on point by creating the Ultimate universe awhile back.


  15. SexyBlackPat!

    love that 2nd panel guys LoL


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