The Road Trip
September 21st, 2011

The Road Trip

Maybe more of this, maybe not. It comes from trying to capture a feeling I’ve been having, a feeling I’m sure everybody has now and again.

I think I’m done buying mainstream comics. Single issues, at least. I’ve barely bought any in the past year or so, definitely not anything I knew would eventually get collected in a trade. I lost that collector mentality somewhere along the way. Most comics fans get a dual enjoyment from comics. There’s the practical enjoyment you get from collecting something that’s part of a whole. You’ve got every issue of Ultimate Spider-Man, and there’s some kind of itch that you scratch when you get the new one. Then, of course, there’s the regular enjoyment you get from just reading a good story and enjoying good art.

I feel like I don’t really care about the first thing anymore, and it’s getting harder and harder to find the second thing. The books I’m most excited about these days are things like Casanova, Morning Glories, Sixth Gun, Chew, Red Wing, Locke and Key. Nary a Spider-Man to be seen. Even Morrison’s Batman was getting kind of old near the end of it.

I know a lot of you guys have probably gone through similar periods in your life. I can already predict I’ll come back around. Something cool will come out and I’ll feel compelled to get after it. This new Ultimate line looks really interesting. See, already there’s the lure of the new comic.



  1. Benel

    This is actually happening to me now and I’m right there with you. It’s kinda hard having read mainstream superhero comics since I was seven and now barely connecting anything they’re putting anymore. I just take comfort in the fact that there’ll still be great books that aren’t dudes in tights punching each other out there to entertain me, but that idea that I can go to a comic shop every Wednesday and pick up my favorite titles month to month is something that’s lost now. It’s a disappointment, certainly.


  2. Koltreg

    Curt, I know what it is like and since I stopped needing to know what was going on when I quit, I had this sort of loss of importance and considering I get news on what is important I am cool waiting for trades as well.
    also roflol at the curtrinthian


  3. zark169

    It’s an odd feeling to realize Sandman (and the Corinthian) are now 20+ years old.


  4. Jesse

    I’m right there with you. I’m very interested in where two of the DCnU titles are going, but I keep wondering if they’ll be collected in trades every six issues anyway. If so, I’d rather get those. I plan on buying them until I’m confident DC will do so, but if they would just come out and say it I’d stop and wait (which is probably why they won’t say it). I don’t need comics every week or two weeks. I’d rather read 100 pages instead of 32 (or 22).


  5. MartiniManJoe

    I still love the rush I get on Wed. its like been my ritual for so long now that why I cant give up single issues. But trade prices are really bumming me out though the six issues for 19.99 is cool but when Marvel pulls the 24.99 or higher I lose my mind.



  6. MartiniManJoe

    i miss cartoon chris haley’s old mullet


  7. SexyBlackPat!

    we’ve all been there man. i remember feeling the same way after One More Day, but like you said, the lure of New Comics will always return (except i’ve never really cared about collecting. i just wanted to always know what happened next)


  8. Dan P

    I haven’t read a single for more than 3 years now, and the trades I pick up are few and far between…

    I keep up on what’s going on in the DCU by reading this site and a few others (Comics Alliance, Comic Critics, The Gutters, The Rack…), I was never much of a marvel Zombie to begin with…

    I thought I was going to pick up some of the New 52, but my wallet has other ideas, (Food, Rent, heat, all the boring stuff).

    You should see my RSS feed though, Webcomics are my Master now…


  9. jason

    so that’s a weird thing for (wolverine’s son) daken (aka dark wolverine) to say.

    but yeah man…i’ve felt the same way for years now. i go to the comic shop every wednesday but rarely pick anything up. i usually do more trade collecting (scalped) or pick up interesting graphic novels (daniel clowes latest wilson or mr. wonderful). to my older more cynical eyes the superhero market is too gimmicky and rife with bullshit characters like “dark” wolverine. although occasionally i’ll pick up a new “floppie” (UGH! ironic that just when the comic industry finally goes balls to the wall mainstream and “legit” the industry itself brands itself with such an impotent powerless moniker!) if the art or story or both warrants an immediate look see.


  10. StripeyC

    Its an up and down thing.

    I used to be big on Marvel, collecting around 15 titles a month. I slowly stopped because I realised half of them I was just following for the soap opera factor of wanting to know what happens next.

    I then started picking up trades slowly, the three main ones being Invincible(which I can’t recommend enough), Y the last man and Fables. These slowly got me back into things.

    But from them I’ve found it tends to be writers I follow now and not characters. I will pick up anything Kirkman writes, and I am loving Hickman. The odd thing is most of the titles I started reading in trades I’m now getting in issues as I can’t wait for the next one. But none of those are part of the big two.

    The only thing I want in issues now is thing that still grab my attention every issue. Most books are written on a 6 arc storyline and getting them weekly doesn’t feel like your getting enough. It’s like when a tv show goes to season long stories instead of awesome one offs.


  11. StripeyC

    Forgot to mention teeth eyes scare the hell out of me


  12. lynn

    I like how Curt is still kind of a dick, even in Chris’s dreams.


  13. Markus Seaberry

    I still buy the monthlies, but I do collect some issues in trade form. Some books I feel like I have to read on a monthly basis, and like the Martiniman said, some of those trade prices are steep.


  14. JoJo

    Ahhh, I recognize that feeling. Death is near.


  15. Curt's Mom



  16. Somedude

    We’ve all been there, man. Sometimes you just need a break. The comics you don’t read will still be there, somewhere, when you feel like it again.


  17. pablo

    dont be a pussy. re-read frankencastle.
    then. read stuff of legend.
    then daredevil, uncanny x-force and finally punishermax.


  18. Randy

    Get Daredevil. Seriously.


    pablo Reply:



  19. TDRedRob

    Nice CM Punk shirt.


  20. The Masked Ndi

    Yeah, I’ve gone like periods like that myself. I think it’s never a good thing to keep reading comics when you’re not enjoying them, and in my experience, taking that time away has made things feel really new and fresh when I came back to them.

    Sure, there’s good stuff you’re missing, but it’s not like it won’t be there should you chose to come back. There’s so much good stuff from Image alone you should have no problem finding things to read.


  21. Dan M

    Bleak and funny. Really cool.


  22. adam ford

    I’m spending all my comics money on minimates instead. AND LOVING IT! Also some DC Universe Classics figures. Got a great deal on Black Vulcan and Golden Pharaoh on ebay. I am a manchild. AND LOVING IT!


  23. gutters


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