September 12th, 2011


A North Carolina man (not Chris Sims, South Carolina’s greatest citizen, but really, they’re all sort of the same over there) vowed to boycott Action Comics, not all DC – just Action, after he believed the publisher took a swipe at his lord and presumably savior in the first issue of their Superman relaunch.

The offending panel?

He relented on the boycott threat after another human being, one who was probably reachable and would have readily solved the situation before the whole notion of the boycott began, explained to him that it was merely a grunt Superman was making after getting shot by a tank and *not* Superman saying out loud the internet short hand for “god damn”, something people are known to do, I guess, in North Carolina.

Lesson in all this? Getting shot by a tank: still not a good enough reason to say “GODDAMMIT”.

IN OTHER NEWS: Our frequently non-cited shutterbug pal Joey Miller opened up a new site where you can peruse his craft. Go check them out, and hire him. Or you can hire me and I’ll just steal his camera. I know where he keeps his hide-a-key.



  1. Maxy Barnard

    I have no idea how, but you’ve managed to draw three images of an old bald dude, and yet all I see, in the posing, in his look, in EVERYTHING, is RAY SMUCKLES of Achewood fame.

    Ultimate success?


    Curt Reply:

    I think it’s the slouched position, the folded arms over the belly. I see it too now, dammit.


    The Real Derek Reply:

    For serious, now I’m going to see that everywhere.
    Also, good inks on bats.


    chrishaley Reply:

    It’s the glasses. Those make the other things seem more Ray-like.

    Totally unintentional.

    I think this dude’s life would be a little better if he were more like Ray.


  2. Zach

    I swear Grant Morrison is getting weirder and weird with his vocalized sound effects. Batman and Robin was just chocked fulled of “Htt” and “Hcks” and “Pffs” and “Tcks” and all other kind of bodily sounds.

    In Other News:
    I think some one is advertising furry sex comics at the bottom of your page. I’m sure the nice protester man would not approve of that, either.


  3. Chris Sims



    Joey Reply:

    North Carolina, South Carolina, who cares. Your BBQ is shit.


    chrishaley Reply:



    Wolter Reply:

    You are a bad person and your opinions are bad.


    Dr. Hurt Reply:

    Chris your opinions on Barbecue are very, very wrong. I’m sorry. Accept the vinegar. North Carolina will always trump South Carolina.


  4. Pj Perez

    Is “OOF” not good enough anymore?? Can I get an “UGH?”


  5. Pj Perez

    It’s a little known fact that the sound a person makes when dry heaving into a trash can is “ROTFL.”


  6. Grimloche

    This is hilarious. Mostly because I have friends who live there who were telling me how stupid the shop owner is about basically everything. The even funnier thing about this comic, is that my friend told me that this same guy loves All Star Batman and Robin where he does in fact say, “I’m the goddamned Batman.”


  7. Kevin

    @Grimloche Its even better. He actually says (to Robin) “What are you, retarded? I’m the goddamn Batman”


  8. JoJo

    Sufferin’ Sappho.


  9. Joey

    Man, ya’ll the best, even if you use my key to jump in bed with me and slap my naked ass while I’m trying to sleep. TRUE STORY.


  10. Glitch

    I bet that this he’s okay with Crossed, swears from Batman are permitted. It’s only Superman that’s required to keep it clean.

    I bet he thinks Damian is saying “totally tits” everytime writers use his “TT” and he is fine with it. All of those Robins are a bunch of no good trouble makers anyways~


  11. thomas

    I love that your Action #1 Supes is visibly younger than your traditional Supes.


  12. chrishaley

    Obviously, this had to happen:


    SeanNOLA Reply:

    3 times, actually.


  13. Thatguy

    So Superman functionally being a terrorist is okay, but exclaiming ‘God!’ when struck hard is too much?



  14. MartiniManJoe

    I’ll bet though that this dude just doubled his business and now we all know what Comic Shop we are all going to if we are ever in South Carolina

    Haley your Batman looks amazing!!!!


  15. lynn

    that batman makes me feel kinda funny…like when i used to climb the ropes in gym class.


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    [...] of response to the widely publicized boycott, an artist over at “Let’s Be Friends Again” drew up a very funny comic strip showing how ridiculous the shop owner is being… When Batman [...]

  17. Markus Seaberry

    Wow. I should’ve known you guys would have an opinion on the matter. I had almost forgotten about that story until this. Nice one, guys.


  18. MW

    Love the addition of the hilariously excess lines on Batman’s new costume. I mean, I love that you made fun of it, not that it exists.


  19. Stu

    So all those times Superman has said “Great Rao!” isn’t taking God’s name in vain?


  20. chris graves

    lol, Morrison should go to that store and give an impromptu signing. GD!


  21. george

    Hey whoa whoa whoa,

    We are NOT “all the same over here.” This guy is being ridiculous. There are even, GASP, atheists in NC. I’m one of them. Don’t pigeonhole us.


  22. Chris

    Heck in a handbasket!
    We are not ALL the same ‘over here’! Your remarks smack of ignorance. I was just as offended and I live in the same town. He shames me but you do also with your ‘Unholier than thou” attitude.
    Really, man.
    Educate yourself.


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