They had it coming
August 25th, 2011

They had it coming

If you haven’t read Jason Aaron’s Punisher MAX, you should. Garth Ennis casts a long shadow over Punisher MAX, and I was always skeptical if anybody’d be able to approach what he brought to the book, but Aaron’s done that in a way that’s all his own. It’s great, as is Greg Rucka’s new mainstream Marvel U Punisher. Check both of them out if you have the dollars.


If you want to read an article at ComicsAlliance where we continually say “logo” when we should be saying “masthead” (thanks for “um actually”-ing us, that guy) and talk about how awful most of the DCnU mastheads are, you can click here.



  1. sloppyquickdraw

    Ranger Smith does not abide bullshit. Not after what that bear put him through.


  2. Vinnie


    Now i know why that ranger is so angry.


  3. Markus Seaberry

    Dang, Ranger Smith could’ve gave the Castles a verbal warning or something.


  4. MW

    Um, actually — nobody uses the term “Masthead” except in design layout.

    When I was at a magazine, we called our own logo on the cover the “masthead”. We called everyone else’s the logo.


  5. JoJo

    In all fairness, they thought the sign was anti-marijuana propaganda.


  6. George Austin

    *fansplosion* That guy is one of my favorite game designers! Check out
    Happy Birthday Robot
    and Do: Pilgrims of the Flying Temple sometime.


  7. MW

    Out of all those logos, almost all of the changed ones are bad, and some are embarrassingly bad.

    I like the Resurrection Man one, and a couple others. The amount of work — or lack thereof — they’ve put into these “mastheads” makes me think my initial read on the DCnU as a whole — “If it ain’t broke, oops we fixed it anyway” — is still going to be proven sadly correct.


  8. Dan

    I picked up Rucka’s Punisher #2 yesterday. It was really good, and I like the art a lot, but I’m not sure how I feel about “handsome” Punisher. He just looks too young to be The Punisher to me, that’s all.


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