That dude is really excited about a bird.
August 22nd, 2011

That dude is really excited about a bird.

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  1. Koltreg

    oh man birds!


  2. Ziah Grace

    Well, maybe the guy’s an ornithologist. (bird scientist?) I don’t remember. Anyway, the real question is the girl. HOLY SHIT, A PLANE! Who’s impressed by a plane flying over a major city?


    Marchus Reply:

    Citizens of New York City?


  3. adam ford

    In the LBFA Universe, when birds hit planes it makes KIRBY DOTS!


  4. adam ford

    Also, re: excitement and planes – Superman was invented in the 30s. Much less planes in the air back then. Zeppelins? Heaps. Planes? Not so much. cf. the celebrity of Lindbergh (sp?), Earhart, &c.


  5. Markus Seaberry

    Nice strip. You can never have too many Kirby Dots!!


  6. Chuk

    I did always wonder “If you think it’s a bird, and you think it’s a plane, what’s the big deal?” Maybe these people are just out on parole or something after years in solitary? Also, are there a lot of human shaped red and blue birds and planes that would cause this confusion?

    Cool strip.


  7. JoJo

    Seeing a plane isn’t why that girl is so happy.


  8. Hawthorne

    That must be like a huge bird, so it’s worthy of note and excitement. Then logic takes over and people are like, “That’s way too big to be a bird,” so now it’s a small plane.

    Psh, but then nope it’s some dude in tights and a cape. Lame.

    I vote for a monsterous mansized bird any day.


  9. Hester Garafalo

    Very informative article post. Will read on…


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