August 19th, 2011


It happens (to me) a lot.

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Superman also got the first half of his Comics, Everybody! comeuppance this week on Comics Alliance. So go look at that and leave comments about how we didn’t talk about Cap Wolf that one time.


  1. Palmer

    For some reason I always thought Cyborg would drive the Gadgetmobile.


  2. luminum

    Took me a while, but I got it. Man, haha.


  3. RoninATX

    30 seconds before this, Bats was singing along to the Ten Crack Commandments with the windows down and the volume up. When Cyborg pulled up he had to kill the engine and get out like he just got there.


  4. JoJo

    Vic’s being too sensitive, for the wrong reason. It’s the machine part Bats is irrationally paranoid about, not the AA part.


  5. oscarhoyos122

    im not sure i get it… is the joke about batman trying to explain he doesnt think cyborg will steal it?


  6. David

    I… don’t get it at all. :( I feel really dumb.


  7. Tony

    Yes, because everything white people ever do, is aimed at black people.

    We never lock our cars because SOMEONE might steal them, we do it because a Black man walks by, and ONLY then.

    Or, maybe someone is being precious.


  8. James

    My guess is that they’re parked in the Justice League parking lot and when Bats sees Cyborg hes like “Look you don’t belong here…wait a minute”
    Cyborg is in the JLA in the DC Relaunch


  9. CWBookthief

    yeah, what are you going for here?


  10. Markus Seaberry

    It’s funny, I get the joke, and I’m normally “overly sensitive” when it comes to racial humor. Batman’s clearly not looking back as he hits the alarm. Interesting strip.


  11. just some dude

    I talk to myself. Sometimes. And also to the cat that shares the house where I rent a room. I had, at the time of this story, an African American roommate (female). I came home one day and walked into the kitchen, and smelled a very familiar odor. It reminded me of when I would, as a kid, do Easter Eggs with PAAS (tm reg us pat off) Easter Egg dye. And I said “Hey kitty, it smells sorta VINEGARY in here”…and as soon as I said it, I was, like, “ohhhhh shit” and peering around to see who might have overheard (and misconstrued) what I’d said…it was a very “Curb Your Enthusiasm” moment. Except that nobody wound up being at home besides me. And the cat. So I guess this story actually goes nowhere…


  12. Stephen

    This reminds me of Curb Your Enthusiasm, love it!


  13. Impulse725

    For the confused, the joke is that Batman parks, and doesn’t lock his car until the black guy appears. Then Batman is embarrassed by his accidental faux pax


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