Flash What
August 12th, 2011

Flash What

I still don’t know. I’ll admit, I haven’t been the most diligent in keeping up with DC’s Mega-Event. It’s been sort of handicapped by the revelation that things are all changing anyway come September. I try not to let what’s “for real” or not in comics change the way I look at a story, but it does sort of seem anti-climactic, which is sad considering this event is more Johns and the relaunch is more Didio and Lee.

What’d you guys read this week?


  1. Jordan

    Eat shit, Curt. I’m still catching up on Brubaker’s Cap, so that’s been a constant on my reading list for a while. I can’t make it to the comic shop until tomorrow, so I don’t know what all new stuff might be waiting for me.


  2. Markus Seaberry

    I bought the latest issue of Black Panther, Amazing Spider-Man, Fear Itself, and Fear Itself:Uncanny X-Force. I am only reading the Flashpoint main mini-series. For once, I showed restraint and didn’t buy ALL the tie-ins.


  3. MW

    You haven’t missed much.

    The “story” must be in one of the crossover minis I’m not reading, cause it sure as hell isn’t in the main book, or the few crossover minis I am actually reading.

    The most recent issue of Booster Gold was more hilariously bad Flashpoint nonsense. I can’t even describe how bad it was, you should check it out.


  4. SeanNOLA

    I got MegaMan, Fear Itself, New Avengers, Mighty Avengers: Siege TPB and Deadpool. I don’t know why I still buy Deadpool – I haven’t enjoyed it in years (no offense to DP fans, just isn’t doing it for me anymore)

    Also, I didn’t notice until reading New Avengers 15, but those NaziBots are pretty much wholesale ripoffs or the Tomahawk Mechs from Macross (only with fat heads for some reason).


    chrishaley Reply:

    Man, I’m really into that new Mega Man series too.


    Anthony Reply:

    How many issues are there, like four? Worth catching up on? I’m only going from Sims’ CA feature but it seems pretty great.


    chrishaley Reply:

    I think the third issue just came out. Definitely worth catching up on. Or go ahead and pre-order the trade. Amazon says it’s coming out next month: http://amzn.to/nL6BCh

  5. aleams

    I don’t know what’s worse… That you burned the whole summer event in three panels, or that you pretty much summed up what is happening in Flashpoint.

    But I have to ask… Where’s the one for Fear Itself? That summer event is also pretty terrible.


  6. Mike X

    That’s exactly whats happening. NOTHING


  7. Jasmine P

    I don’t read weeklies, but I did pick up Atomic Robo2, Empowered 6 and Johnny Hiro 1 from my comic shop. There was a trade I wanted, but I forgot what it was while I was in the shop


  8. David

    Aw, come on, it’s not that difficult to understand. The Reverse-Flash went back in time and messed everything up so the present-day DCU is a horrible place, with some heroes becoming villains, and Barry Allen (along with Booster Gold, who’s trying to find him, I think) is the only one who knows what’s happened, and is trying to fix it. Whether the execution is good or bad, it’s the same kind of “history is broken, those who remember the true past must fix it” story which has been done… well, a lot, but it’s not a bad plot in and of itself.


    chrishaley Reply:

    It’s not that either of us are having any difficulty understanding it, it’s just that it’s really dumb.

    I read Flashpoint #3 & 4 the other night, and #3 was certainly one of the worst comics I’ve read in recent memory.

    I could go into it in detail, but our friend Chris Sims already did a great analysis of what was so wrong with that issue that I will link to instead: http://www.comicsalliance.com/2011/07/15/ask-chris-65-flashpoint/

    And as good and thorough as Sims’ analysis was, there were STILL some things that bothered me about that issue that he didn’t even mention.

    All of this is to say, the plot of Flashpoint is not the problem, it’s the poor execution that is so vexing.


    David Reply:

    Ah, I see. Yes, execution is definitely the key thing.

    My own personal biggest gripe with Flashpoint (and I’m only getting the main 5-issue mini and Booster Gold) is, honestly, the idea that their external circumstances, even extreme ones, would be enough to turn Diana and Arthur from heroes into monstrous, genocidal villains. To me that smacks of deterministic nihilism; the better altered-reality stories I know are the ones in which even if they’ve been through different things, the moral nature of the people the characters are shines through, because they’re still using their free will regardless of their circumstances.

    And, yes, the whole taking-forever-to-get-to-the-point aspect is annoying to me as well. (What might have been more interesting might have been, after all those chemical burns, for Barry to use his knowledge of the way the world is supposed to be, still deprived of his speed and perhaps even slowly dying from his injuries, to find a way to fix things with the other heroes’ help.)


    Imitorar Reply:

    It’s not quite so simple as slight changes in the timeline turning Wonder Woman and Aquaman against each other. Even in the Flashpoint timeline, they start out as more or less themselves as we know them in the regular DC timeline, but things happen that pushed them both down the path to war. This is mostly clarified in the Emperor Aquaman and Wonder Woman & the Furies mini-series’, so you might want to check those out for a fuller explanation.

    But I agree that the execution and pacing of Flashpoint are poor and slow, respectively. It took over two issues for Flash and Batman to so much as get out of the Batcave. That’s over 40% of the story before anyone even starts trying to restore the timeline. And the issues have only been about 26 pages, with the exception of the first, even though DC said they’d be 35 story pages. That hasn’t done the pacing any favors.

    The worst thing about it is that Johns did so well with the last crossover he wrote. I mean, Blackest Night had plenty of detractors, but it seemed a lot more popular than Flashpoint is. And I thought it was MUCH better. Blackest Night intrigued me, entertained me, and thrilled me. It interested me in Johns’ Green Lantern run. Flashpoint seems like the execution of a story summary without the fleshing out that would make it a true story. The best that can be said for Flashpoint is that some of the mini-series’ were good, and it provides entertainment in the form of thinking how much better the story could have been if “X” had been done differently.

    Pj Perez Reply:

    “it’s just that it’s really dumb”



  9. Anthony

    Like there were any other comics besides Detective #881 this week. I can’t think of a time I’ve read an ending to a run as satisfying as this issue.


    pablo Reply:

    iron age
    American Vampire
    Hellboy the fury
    Red wing 2
    red gunther
    Amazing spiderman 667

    i thing Fear itself is pretty good


    chrishaley Reply:

    PUNISHERMAX! That book has been unrelenting in it’s quality and intensity.


    Anthony Reply:

    I hate when a new issue of PunisherMAX is out because it reminds me that I’m not up to date on that book. And then I listen to WRA and cop it again.

  10. ink1

    I am lost what is Flashpoint why are they F***ing up the DC world after years of not knowing what is going on they fix that now this. Someone help me and if you have to talk to me like a a two year old


  11. JonHex

    I read Fear Itself, which took five issues to get to something I really liked about it. Oh, and four issues to introduce plot points the tie-ins were mentioning Day 1.


  12. JonHex

    Also, does Curt usually interrupt whatever you’re doing for debriefings?


  13. Feliciano2040

    Can’t for the hilarity that will be Flashpoint #5.

    Even though, while not making any sense, Flashpoint is much better than Fear Itself.


    chrishaley Reply:

    Flashpoint is better than Fear Itself by what parameters?


    Rusty Reply:

    I think by the parameters that this person hates Marvel and thus, their ridiculous summer event is worse than DC’s ridiculous summer event


  14. AdamYJ

    I don’t know. I’m not reading Flashpoint. And I’m one of the (seemingly) few modern DC fans who actually likes Barry Allen. So, I think that’s saying something. I am reading the Frankenstein mini though, because I’m a sucker for Frankenstein (more due to Shelley than either Morrison or Lemire, I might add).


  15. James

    I purchased the last issues of Flashpoint Citizen Cold and Deadman and the Flying Graysons. Both issues were fantastic finishes. Would of loved to see a continuation of some of these series. I don’t know why some people hate Flashpoint, I’ve been enjoying the core of it and some of it’s mini’s as well. Knight of Vengeance was extremely well done


  16. MartiniManJoe

    Flashpoint is just to distract us from the fact that all the books are ending and we will be left with The New 52….Fear Itself is pretty damn weak as well most of the action has less substance that the fights in Marvel vs DC back in the 90′s…the story is so warped and weak its sick…”Hawkeye I sent Spider-Man home because we are going to lose!!….basically id like to think the best writers for both universes can do better than this…both feel rushed and not well thought out


  17. jason

    i only got halfway through the comment section but it seems more and more nowadays that comic readers of “the big two “consist of mainly folks who read those books ironically because they are so bad that they’re good.

    and yet when the lame, campy movie version of said bad comic is released that very same audience is seemingly disappointed and angry at how lame the film is.

    am i wrong in thinking this.

    anyway the only things i’ve read with any consistency as of late is the Daredevil: Reborn miniseries and Image’s Undying Love. i also picked Sergio Aragones’s Funnies from Bongo and i’m still reading Scalped in trades.

    so yeah nothing that has to do with any big event “that will everything as we know it!”….

    that is until next summer.


    chrishaley Reply:

    I think it’s more that people are more likely to get really vocal over the things that really make them mad/that they really hated than the things they thought were average or good.

    I think even the stuff people really, really enjoyed is less likely to get them talking (or typing) than something that they feel really insulted by or that they think was really poorly done.

    It’s like that old saying about how people only tell one person if they really liked a restaurant, but will tell five people if they hated it.


    AdamYJ Reply:

    It’s the whole “Squeaky wheel gets the grease” concept. People think that if they complain loud enough about something they dislike, it will get fixed somehow. Yet, if they’re content they don’t bother saying anything.


  18. jason

    p.s. – i realize only old school howard stern fans might get this but….

    is “EAT SHIT CURT!” the LBFA version of “F- JACKIE!”?


  19. MartiniManJoe

    Jason I am all for “Eat shit Curt”…becoming LBFA “F Jackie”


  20. Laura

    Yeeeaahh…that pretty much sums it up. A whole heckuva lot of “I don’t care.” Which is a crying shame–I’m a huge Flash fan, I was really looking forward to liking Barry Allen when they brought him back and…eh, he just fell flat for me. Then they’re all like “Time for a FLASH event!” and…it’s just a Barry event and none of the characters in it are the characters I actually care about and what’s the point of reading it–we know they lose anyway.


  21. Lightning_Armour

    Flashpoint is complete ass.
    I loved Johns’ original run on Flash, but the man has lost his shit. He is just no good anymore.


  22. Zakspeed

    I think the whole point is: this is the thing that will cause the reboot. Not different from the previous cosmic reboots. But I have to agree that the pace in the main series is terribly, frustratingly slow. I enjoyed LoD and Grodd of War. Project Superman and Kid flash are not all that bad either.


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