Cap’s Big Day
July 25th, 2011

Cap’s Big Day

(mild spoilers for Captain America: The First Avenger)

It’s Euge, here for one last post as Curt hitchhikes his way back across the country from SDCC.

Me and Chris saw Captain America on opening day, and we were both blown away by how much we loved the movie. I mean, we LOVED the movie. That isn’t even taking into account the after-the-credits stuff, which of course rocked. I think the movie, while being fun and lighthearted, was just insanely respectful towards the source material and the rich historical import of Captain America as a comic book.

This strip, of course, is not respectful towards Captain America at all. We thought it was funny how basically, Captain America sort of admits to Peggy that he’s, well, a virgin. Which if you really think about it, makes the end of the movie all the more tragic. He’s not just about to die (or whatever he thinks is going to happen to his Super Soldier body), but he’s also about to lose his best shot at punching that card. I think when he wakes up at the end, that look on his face as he realizes that he’s been asleep for 70 years is him thinking, “aw man, now I gotta find ANOTHER totally hot, yet strong-willed and good person to fall in love with and y’know….DANCE with.”

Anyway, did you have a fun time at SDCC? Or, if you didn’t go to SDCC, did you have a fun time reading how much fun everyone else had at SDCC? I made a song about Andrew Garfield’s impassioned Spider-Man speech at SDCC, and you should check it out here.

Expect Curt back on Wednesday, ready for action. And by “action,” I don’t mean “dancing.” Curt’s still looking for that “special partner.” And by “special partner,” I mean that special Japanese Body Pillow he ordered.

UPDATE: Oh, and if you still haven’t already, go check out the “Comics, Everybody!” we did for Captain America!


  1. Euge

    Wow, the colors and lighting in that first panel are fantastic.



  2. Mxy

    I have a feeling that if Curt was here the last panel would include the word “rimjob”. See, this is why you need him.


  3. Lighthousepilot

    I’ll think of Captain America and the NEW PACT next time I’m…ya know…DOING IT. And by doing it I mean cuddling with my Japanese Body Pillow.


  4. MartiniManJoe

    Lighthousepilot…..Franco has taught us all how great Body Pillow love is….

    On another note great strip yall! Yea we was all like mane poor Cap never getting laid but thats the lesson of the movie ….life is better after steroids!!!


  5. Palmer

    I’d rather fondue than dance.


  6. SeanNOLA

    Fondue? It’s just bread and cheese…


  7. Markus Seaberry

    Nice strip. I never even thought about dancing being used as a double entendre, I guess I was just caught up in the moment.


  8. MW

    I got the impression from the film that they left lots of timeline flexibility in between the point where he became Cap and his final mission in the 40′s that ended with him in the ice. So it seems only a remote possibility that he died a virgin. But I loved this strip anyway.


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