Hollywood True Stories
July 23rd, 2011

Hollywood True Stories

(still Euge and Chris in charge of the strip today)

Let’s Be Friends Again do not endorse that cocaine is a magical drug that will gain you entrance to a world of wizardry. We also cannot say for sure that Daniel Radcliffe, Emma Watson and Rupert Grint have ever skiied on the wintry slopes of nose mountain, but c’mon. We all know what Hollywood’s like, right?

The Spider-Man trailer came out this week, and while some people have a huge problem with it, I didn’t really mind it. I have such goodwill for Spider-Man and Andrew Garfield, that until I see something utterly AWFUL in this movie, I’m willing to give it a pass. Though, I hated that stupid Mirror’s Edge looking first-person part, that was terrible. But people can talk about how recycling Spider-Man is pointless, but then again, so are most movies these days, right?

In other news, I finally saw Deathly Hallows Part 2 this week. I say finally, because I was traveling so I didn’t get a chance to be at the midnight show, with my wizard robe on, holding a wand and yelling “EXPELLIARMIS!” at cops and security guards. It was awesome, and despite that movie being around for the past 20 bazillion movie seasons, I’d be up for more Harry Potter. Sometimes, more of the same would be a good thing.

Chris also noted that he bet they, as wizards, could probably create cocaine from their wands. Or just cast “ACCIO COCAINE” and get some. I mean, they let kids drink butter beer don’t they? It’s all the same, man. It’s all the same. Legalize it!*

* We also do not support legalization of cocaine. It is a hell of a drug.**

** Not that we know….or whatever.

1) Euge and I will have one more comic before Curt gets back, so be here on Monday for our Captain America movie comic.

2) Speaking of Captain America, Curt and I did a “Comics, Everybody!” about the good Cap’n for ComicsAlliance. Please go read it, like it, comment, yadda yadda!

3) Watch this video from the Amazing Spider-Man panel if you haven’t already.

4) We haven’t heard much from Curt since this photo was taken:


  1. Chris Tung

    Epic Meal Time at SDCC?! That is so sick. A LBFA + Epic meal time mash up should be on the post Comic-Con priorities.


    chrishaley Reply:

    We’ve actually had one in the works since Heroes Con.


    luminum Reply:

    And yet, they’re all so fit… *sigh

    Also, I’m glad for the update, otherwise I would not have gotten the joke this time. Not a dis at Chris; I’m not sure I could draw three average and non-descript teenagers and get my point across for who they were supposed to be.


    chudleycannonfodder Reply:

    It was the Bacon Strips shirt that helped me figure out it was Epic Meal Time. So glad you guys are going to do something about them!


  2. Koltreg

    Gosh Chris and Euge, if you read the Potter forums you’d totally know that wizards can just turn anything into drugs and then snort it.
    Bananas – they snort it.
    Wrenches – they snort it.
    Dobby – they sure as hell snorted him.

    Wake up America!


  3. JoJo

    Instead of just rebooting it every few years, they should make it a Marvel Team-Up franchise with a new one every summer; that way people’d get their poopular Spiders-Man and some fresh blood too, with more obscure characters like Brother Voodoo and the Falcon, who should see the light of day, and why not?


  4. adam ford

    There’s an argument to be made that the rapid-fire reboots of the Spider-Man and Hulk movies perfectly emulate the reboot/retcon happy world of Comickal Boox.


    Palmer Reply:

    All these Hulk reboots will eventually lead to a Crisis on Infinite Hulks with Lou Ferrigno playing the Anti-Monitor. I know my references are mixed, but damn it, I stand by them!


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