In the mouth of madness
July 19th, 2011

In the mouth of madness

This is a completely true story. Based on two completely true stories. Cue INCEPTION MUSIC..

Apologies for the delay, but it’s been a crazy week already and SDCC hasn’t even started yet!

We’ve got some fun things planned though that we think you will enjoy.

Most sincere thanks and appreciation to Joe Hunter of for the coloring assist on this strip. Beyond being mega-talented, he was super-cool enough to help out on short notice.



  1. lynn

    i wonder if it was awkward for joe to have to color in archie’s boner. i know it wasn’t awkward for chris to draw, because he draws so many. he’s like the kid in superbad.


  2. lynn



  3. Joe

    It wasn’t too terribly awkward because I was more concerned about how to shade Archie’s erect penis.

    Oh the sentences I never thought I’d type…


  4. Joel Priddy

    LBFA Challenge: Who will be the first to make panel 3 their profile pic?


  5. thechrishaley's Mom

    Why penis and not, to mention a few, dick, cock, schlong, trouser snake, pecker ( my Dad’s favorite ) and for boner, hard on or blue veined throber? Is it that there are censors or are you being PC? If you’re gonna talk dirty, do so. No matter, it’s funny, I don’t care who you are.


    SeanNOLA Reply:

    I think it’s because the Archie “controversy” is about a lady yelling “PENIS PENIS PENIS!”


  6. Señor Citizen

    There’s at least one more I can think of, from GL: Emerald Warriors:


  7. JoJo

    Mr. Andrews seems to be really excited about Kevin Keller getting his own mini-series.


  8. Algeya

    Any chance you gays hace a fan meting in san Diego


  9. Revolverhawk

    I have an idea: What if you showed a picture of Nancy Silberkleit yelling PENIS PENIS PENIS! while pointing at Jason Todd’s crotch?


  10. Eddie Joe

    Hey what’s the Deadpool controversy with penis? I see the poster in panel 1 with his crotch circled…but haven’t read the latest issue. Is it there? Did someone do “too good” of a job with his anatomy?


  11. Lightning

    Gentlemen, I present to you this:
    In case you ever need to “Cue Inception Music.”


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