Guest Strip by Elliot Boyette
July 15th, 2011

Guest Strip by Elliot Boyette

Big ups to Elliot Boyette, he of Memphis College of Art, he of the webcomic Boondog. Truly, the Watcher lives on the moon in a tiny house all alone, just like the Little Prince.

If the Little Prince watched people through a telescope and spanked it.

Chris (cross) Haley is in New Orleans right now being afraid to leave his hotel room, so, again, thanks to another kid from MCA for keeping the comic book funnies coming. I will buy you a beer, Elliot.



  1. algeya

    just like the supreme kai from dragon ball did in the manga


  2. creek wolf

    yeah that is original….
    nice art work though.


  3. JoJo

    So … am I supposed to be spankin’ it watching the Watcher spank it? Not that I am.


  4. Jerod

    Where does he drive that car to, I wonder?


  5. TomerS


    I won’t hold against Elliot the fact that someone else’ve done this kind of thing already a couple of years ago in the Wha…Huh? one-shot.


  6. lynn

    this one has lots of little boxes! usually there’s only like three.


  7. RDaggle

    surprised that the Watcher is a Star Wars fan. You’d think he would have something on his wall from his own youth — like a Lascaux cave painting maybe …


  8. Elliot

    Hey guys, hope you enjoyed the comic!

    I must admit I’m ill equipped in the vast sea of superhero comic knowledge compared to most here but in my defense… the other poster in Uatu’s room is a Back to the Future poster.


  9. sloppyquickdraw

    Hilarious, man. Great comic. @ everyone saying “it’s been done”: Don’t be a dick.


  10. MartiniManJoe

    Elliot shake the haters off….and when I say haters Im saying most comic fans are haters of everything even the comics they buy!!!! Good job!!!!!


    chrishaley Reply:

    Well said, Joe.


  11. A Silver Mt. Paektu

    Who cares if the premise isn’t 100% original? Other gags about Uatu being a perv haven’t used the line “I’d slather you on a biscuit.” That shit’s serial killer level creepy. Well done!


  12. Joel Priddy

    Wait—should I stop using that as my opening line?


  13. hayduke666

    “just so…” and “move in that fashion” made me laugh out loud. For real :)


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