Honesty and Sincerity
June 27th, 2011

Honesty and Sincerity

There is a long and strange and sometimes confused tradition around these parts of questioning which, if either of us, is the adult of the group.

There are a lot more examples than those three, but you can use the Archive navigation features as well as I can beyond that. I don’t have all day to tell you about links you should click. (Editor’s Note: Following @thechrishaley will prove that is a lie.)

Going back and looking at those comics I linked to is kind of surreal, but what’s even more strange is reading some of the posts that went along with them. Curt and I forget about the comics we have completed almost immediately after posting them, but going back and seeing that Curt used to write these little stories within the posts sometimes was something that was both a delight and a total surprise.

Seriously, go back through the archive and read some of the posts Curt wrote for our early strips. They are often very funny. I’d even go so far as to say doing so might not be a total waste of your time.

Another thing that wouldn’t be a waste of your time is to go check out Adam WarRock’s new single “Chew Harder (Takstar Remix)”.



  1. Markus Seaberry

    That’s probably the reaction I had when I first discovered hentai. Back then, my comic reading was pure escapism, nothing but capes and tights. Since then, I’ve been reading more “mature” stuff, so I guess I’ve gotten used to a little nudity.


  2. Steven

    Hentai’s some pretty jacked-up stuff. I don’t even think Superman HAS a sister.


  3. Koltreg

    Man, where does Chris Haley even get an British orphan hat like that? Or naiveté.


  4. English Graeme



  5. lynn

    i always thought that hentai was cartoons doin’ it with octopuses. octopi? hmmm…google time.


  6. luminum

    Steven: Just because he doesn’t have a sister doesn’t mean she can’t be birthed full grown from a gigantic plant octopuss vagina with the explicit genetic programming to be an insatiable nymphomaniac who must reproduce with her brother to repopulate krypton while milk shoots out of her Double Q cup-sized breasts at the exact moment of climax and every subsequent climax immediately following.

    Also, butt sex is someone in there, too.

    And maybe Krypto the Super-Dog.

    Hell, ALL of the Legion of Super-Pets, especially Comet the Super-Horse.


  7. Joel Priddy

    Knowing the cartoon-Chris is way too classy to sleep in his walking-about clothes, I must assume those are custom lightning bolt pajamas.

    Also, I assume that the hat is never worn, just kept on a peg by the door for whenever Curt or Chris need to wring it demonstratively.


  8. TheRealDerek

    Curt in that first panel is my favorite Curt yet. Also, you forgot to mention that Superman’s sister would turn into his brother when he/she gets wet. And is a were-squid.


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