Good news, everyone!
June 17th, 2011

Good news, everyone!

I think this strip is 100000x funnier if you read all of Tomar-Re’s dialogue in Professor Farnsworth’s voice.

We saw Green Lantern last night at the midnight showing, and both liked it a lot. Which made coming up with a comic about it harder.

X-Men: First Class was a lot of fun, but for whatever reasons, it lent itself much more readily to our particular kind of comedy.

Not that Green Lantern was perfect or didn’t have problems, but nothing hilarious just jumped out at us. I’m sure your mileage may vary.

If you feel like talking about it, you’re more than welcome to tell us what you thought about the movie in the comments. Maybe we can all have a discussion about our thoughts. Maybe not.

And, in case you missed it, we did a thing about Green Lantern for ComicsAlliance. I don’t know if I can recommend getting into the comments over there with a clear conscience though.



  1. Koltreg

    I liked Tomar-Re in the film and wish he was the star. Or Hector Hammond. I just never cared about what happened to Hal in the film and I never felt enough connection to him. And I didn’t wanna punch stuff after the film so no fake testosterone.

    Also, no one Will should have all that poooooooooooower.


  2. Malika

    Agreeing with Koltreg about Hal… I’m not a huge Hal fan anyway, but I expected to understand him more in the film. Despite its problems, I did like the film–I laughed with it, not at it, and there weren’t any face-palm moments… besides maybe that one REALLY AWKWARD SEGUE I’m sure everyone remembers.

    Also, I was wearing your stereotypical Lantern tee and eating Pringles during the movie, so that’s… freaky.


  3. Hertzel Wolfman

    I thought the movie was fun and definitely enjoyable. It wasn’t a masterpiece by any means and all the CG characters had dead eyes, but it was, in my opinion, better than Thor. Hopefully it makes enough to warrant a sequel, preferably one based on the Sinestro Corps. War and borrowing heavily from Band of Brothers.

    or he just fights Dr. Polaris or something whatever fuck it.


  4. Flash Fact

    All I’ll say is that Alan Scott could never survive Blake Lively’s acting. As it was wooden.

    But Sinestro was cool!


  5. Comic Break

    Finally, a comments section that’s not full of hate and venom towards the movie. Like others have mentioned, it’s not without problems but it was fun and now that the characters introductions are out of the way the sequel will be even better.


  6. Ziah Grace

    I don’t care for Hal Jordan… Should I bother seeing the movie? I like other Green Lanterns, I just detest Hal Jordan’s character.


  7. SexyBlackPat!

    i agree with Comic Break up there. the “secret origins” of a new super-hero movie always takes up the most time. but now that that’s out of the way, i’m expecting the sequel to be better too. and i liked them movie too. not better than THOR though ;)
    (and i hope part 2 has MORE JOHN STEWART!) :)


  8. Osty

    It was fun, but I felt that the second hour was moving in fast forward with a lot of scenes coming and going with no setup. Still fun.


  9. Louis

    I very much enjoyed the movie. I dare say that it was a GOOD superhero movie as it was… with criticism based on certainly unfulfilled potential. Ryan Reynolds delivered as did Mark Strong and the rest of the cast. I loved seeing the Jordan Bros. as well as the Corpsmen. The action scenes were good, though it was eye-rolling to see a helicopter mingle in a crowd minus any fatalities. That notwithstanding, my criticism isn’t with what’s there but with what isn’t. It really should have been an hour longer for more character and action time.

    Despite its shortcomings, GL didn’t leave me p!ssed off at the end like so many other superhero flicks like X3, Wolvie, Spidey 3, Daredevil, Elektra, FF, Catwoman, Bats & Robb, Shia Labeouf & the Transformers.

    I believe a good deal of critics were simply beyond hope of enjoying this movie. Maybe they were snobs looking to meet their quota, or strict Marvel partisans, or simply haters [be it of Ryan Reynolds, Hal Jordan, superhero films, or whatever floats their boat] who were gunning for this flick since its developmental stages.


  10. Rusty

    Yeah I was gonna say, the people who read and comment over at CA kinda have no sense of humor at all. All the comments on the GL “Comics everyone” strip were just depressingly killjoyish


  11. AdamYJ

    I saw this movie today and loved it to pieces. It’s the first superhero movie I’ve walked out of in recent years feeling like an excited kid again.


  12. Linda

    Mother. F*cking. BOMBER. JACKET. I turned to my boyfriend before this started and bet him that there would be a) dead dads and b) a bomber jacket…and I was right on both counts.


  13. Nataniel

    “All I’ll say is that Alan Scott could never survive Blake Lively’s acting. As it was wooden. ”

    That there is some geek stand-up comedy golden :)


  14. Nerdeherder

    I liked it a lot, but do agree that Blake Lively is the most inappropriately named actress ever. She should really study what gwyneth Paltrow did with pepper potts to see how you do the girl side-kick/love interest who actually appears to have an existence when she’s not on-screen.
    Did like the fact that her pilot call-sign was Sapphire though.
    Maybe it’s because I’m desperately old but I love Hal Jordan, before I got old enough to appreciate batman he was my absolute favourite. I’ve kind of glossed over the last 20 years though :)
    My girlfriend as we left the theatre “So, will Sinestro turn out to be a bad guy?” Me: “Well, he’s called Sinestro, he has a pencil moustache and he’s played by Mark Strong so I’d say the odds are in favour”


  15. JoJo

    Blake Lively was good in the Emmy-winning potato chip sketch when she hosted SNL. Some more Jenelda in the cockpit would have been welcomed.


  16. Zach

    …no one’s made a “Fire at Will!” joke yet?

    For shame.


  17. Joey

    I found out today Tomar-Re failed to save Krypton. Fuck that dude.


  18. Nerdherder

    K, only going to say this once. I LOVE the Daredevil movie. it was made with passion by people who obviously knew and loved the character. The studio obviously screwed them but it is still possible to see what they were trying to do.


  19. surly



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