STFU Chuck
June 13th, 2011

STFU Chuck

As promised, here is yet another comic about X-Men: First Class. There is at least one more still to come. Hopefully all of you have seen the movie by now, but if now, go see it.

We saw Super 8 over the weekend too, but nothing funny has come of it so far. Totally blew my mind though when I realized it was a prequel to Mac & Me. Oh shit, sorry if that’s a spoiler.

Check out Euge’s new track. It is dope.

Thanks to everyone who has bought one of our Comics, Everybody!/West Coast Avengers Mixtape combos. We’ve got a few left, so if you want one (or all four) get it while you can.



  1. Markus Seaberry

    Another nice strip, guys. They did kinda beat a dead horse in that film, didn’t they?


  2. Jordjevic

    Chris, you’ve really been killing it lately with that brush work. Keep it up.


  3. Sean Hollenhors

    Prequel to Mac & Me? Does Ron Eldard end up looking like one of those shaved-scrotum-aliens?


  4. George

    Spot on. I cringed so hard when X tried to “reason” with him. The thing I couldn’t figure was – why didn’t Azazel just hug up with everyone and bamf to safety? Hell why didn’t Azazel just bamf *himself* to safety?


  5. luminum

    I really love the art here, guys. Erik’s expression in the second panel and Chucky’s expression int he third really make me smile.


  6. lighthousepilot

    Yeah, Chris, your inking AND coloring seems to improve with each strip. Nice work, man. Curt, you peaked a long time ago, but you’re still my favorite writer out of like…a lot of writers.


  7. sloppyquickdraw

    You guys, don’t stop being so fantastic. Unless your lives are in danger. Then I’ll understand.


  8. Crazy Grapefruit

    “Y’know who else sought a global utopia founded on genetic superiory Eric…? HITLER!! >:I”

    Was really waiting for Charles to lay that down on Eric through the whole movie, but then remembered there’s really no way you could argue against it. (Call me cooky, but the notion of a Holocaust survivor becoming a racist, genocidal warlord has always greatly pissed me off.)


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