Touching the Void
June 8th, 2011

Touching the Void

So DC’s putting it all on black. Check out David Uzumeri’s article over at good ole Comics Alliance if you haven’t kept up with the news.

Uzumeri references one of our old strips in that article, the one where we accuse DC and Marvel of keeping pace, of never innovating, and basically just settling for a “mutual destruction” policy when it comes to new ideas. And he’s right to hope that it’ll become a relic of an age gone by. I just hope it’s the kind of nostalgic relic, like we could look at it and say, “Man, that was when everything changed for the better.”

So, trying something new? Yay. Doing it with the same old guys? Boo.

The names are all the same. They’re even bringing back some of the guys from the 90′s, the Lobdells, Jurgens, Liefelds. Along with Krul, Gates, Johns, etc. these are the guys who are going to appeal to new readers? The guys who current readers can’t even agree on?

Maybe they’ve unleashed these guys a little bit more. Let them really get into something. But it all seems like this is just going to be Geoff Johns’ giant sandbox and his buddies get the chance to make some parapets on the fuck-off castle Johns lives in.

I’m sure I’ll check it out. I’m sure most of us who already DC will check it out. Just don’t make us feel stupid for giving you the benefit of the doubt. Don’t make us feel like a girl you’re dating who you’re constantly trying to upgrade from. Yeah, I see you, saying you love us but then looking out for something better.

IN OTHER NEWS: We podcasted at Heroes Con. Thanks to Jimmy Aquino for being such a professional interviewer and for saying nice stuff about us. I really want to go to the strip club with him next year.

We came back from Heroes Con with some leftover HEROES CON EXCLUSIVE Comics Everybody Minis / West Coast Avengers Mixtape COMBINATIONS.

Basically, the package includes a copy of Euge’s West Coast Avengers Mixtape with a mini-comic of our Comics Alliane feature Comics, Everybody! featuring Thor, Ant-Man, Lex Luthor, or Hawkman. So that’s four different packages. They’re available for a limited time in the store. Purchase them.

We’ve also put up some photos of our t-shirts in the store, some live action shots by our awesome friend Joey Miller so you can see how they look. You can see my nipples in one of them, so there’s your fan service.

Again, big ups to Joey for the pictures. Check him out for weddings, executions, w/e.

Have a good day, players.



  1. Joe

    It’s totally adorbs how Quesadilla and DiDiot have matching Tiny Tim scarves.


  2. Brandon Schatz

    Nicely done. It certainly *does* seem like it’s Marvel’s move now – but yeah, such a weird dichotomy of moving forward a few steps with the publishing plan, and the future of the meidum, but with all the old names attached.

    The only place I’m really seeing some “new” is in the “Dark” line – which… as great as I think a lot of those books will be, doesn’t really account for the fact that the fresh voices should be on some of the main books.

    But I have a sneaking suspicion that DC is going to name the Super books tomorrow, and then round out the week with some heavy punches. Hopefully. We’ll see.



  3. hawtpawket

    Oh ho ho, I get it – Marvel’s “eating” Crossgen. Clever. I’m kind of looking at the the big DC revamp as a chance to drop many of the DC titles I’ve been underwhelmed with. And then I can wait and see how the new stuff is reviewed and jump in here & there. However, if the rumors of a Grant Morrison penned Superman book pan out, I’m all over it.


  4. English Graeme

    Who are the guys modelling the tshirts, is that Shane George on the right of the 6? :-O

    And where is good ol’ SG these days, what happened to his weekly spot, it’s the highlight of this website?? :-S


  5. luminum

    Well, Marvel’s ending Uncanny X-Men. Thank God for that, at least.

    I actually, do think it’d be interesting if the companies took a 6 month publishing break from continuity and focused on launching completely new characters exclusively and see which ones readers respond to or don’t respond to. If they were good, you could later integrate them. But until then, no new characters who also have to deal with side events of major plot lines. Oh well.


  6. Andy

    Firstly, I am crazy nervous about all this stuff. I am a long-time Marvel reader and an occasional DC reader. I just wonder how DC is planning on staying afloat after paying all these writers/artists and flooding the market so much. Seems like too many new books to me. Do they really think day-and-date digital will get THAT many new readers? Sadly, I don’t.

    Shane George?


  7. Nathan

    Never thought I’d see the day of DiDio drawn as a pioneer, walking almost heroically into the unknown.

    Actual question though, why the hell do you draw Quesada that way? His hair looks nothing like that


  8. victorward

    The nipple reference makes me feel like I’m obliged to make a comment. The pressure is overwhelming.


  9. Steve

    DC is embracing new technology, but I don’t necessarily see how this is supposed to bring in new readers, unless they think that the market for readers of superhero comics hasn’t been tapped. I mean, I’m going to check out Action Comics, but then I’m already on board with the genre (as I assume most of you are). I just don’t see how this supposed to bring in new readers.


  10. anon

    bored people dicking around in the app store?


  11. Greg Manuel

    An initiative like the one luminum describes is something I could get behind, conceivably. But all told, while this IS a bold move, I just don’t think it was the bold move to MAKE.

    Waving your dick in Brock Lesnar’s face is a bold move. Does that mean go do it?


  12. Keith

    Nope, sorry, you got one thing wrong. I’ve been a loyal DC reader/buyer for 25 years. After Flashpoint, I’m out of here. They’ve lost me and my $200 + a month.


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