Heroes Con 2k11
June 6th, 2011

Heroes Con 2k11

Chris, Eugene and I just got back from Heroes Con. Like, literally.

We’re all exhausted and delirious and giddy and need sleep. Here’s a strip. Sorry it’s late.

More about the trip on Wednesday once we’ve stopped quoting Epic Meal Time endlessly.




  1. jason

    really love the look of this guys! dig the soft, water color, gray tone shades and the rough dry brush textures.

    this is much than your color stuff!!!

    (you see what i did there? haha)

    p.s.- so she drove past you with her legs swinging out of an an open car door?


  2. Adam WarRock and The Infinity Watch » HeroesCon Debriefing

    [...] My LBFA cohorts did a comic that pretty much sums up the HeroesCon experience we had this past weekend. Go check that out here. [...]

  3. Kevin Church

    Pretty sure the “This is better than it should be” was me. And I stand by that. #sickburns


  4. bhendricks

    very personal and real, makes the reader connect, love it love lamp


  5. Anton Kromoff

    yeah, that sounds about right.


  6. Pj Perez

    Replace “dwarfed by elf boob art” with “dwarfed by steampunk jewelry,” and you just described my Phoenix Comicon experience.


  7. Pj Perez

    Also: I’d totally drive by pick up on Euge. Who wouldn’t?


  8. Anthony McGraw

    I had literally just found you guys maybe a week ago. I never know how to look up the good web comics all I get are the crap ones mostly about people playing video games….. anyway! I live in Charlotte and was only able to go to Heroes on Saturday I wish I would of looked harder if I had known you guys where there! I love your stuff! I went back to your first and sat for four days reading as much as I could to catch up


  9. Euge

    @McGraw as you can see by the comic, you wouldn’t have been able to casually find us behind the gigantic booth of elf booby art.


  10. Curt

    oh shit, free buttons!!


  11. Mike

    Aww… sounds like a bunch of infidels were at Heroes Con. LBFA is consistently the best web comic around (funny, clever, great art). It started out strong, and Chris and Curt keep finding ways to produce amazing strips. Elf boobs?!? We don’t need no stinkin’ elf boobs (well, ok, maybe “we” do…) And Euge could lay the smackdown on Etrigan on the rhymefront. Glad y’all weren’t so hidden at C2E2.


  12. Markus Seaberry

    Dang, those “compliments” were way harsh. I might not have been as polite in kind. Keep hustling, guys. And Euge, if you gotta hook up, make sure you have a “raincoat”.


  13. deebeemonster

    Damn it, I was hoping to get the inside story about this next level sushi experience. DENIED! Instead, the story of 3 incredibly handsome dudes getting shat (shat, I say!) upon by mere mortals.

    Well at least the sushi was good. Take that HATERS!


  14. chrishaley

    To be fair to Heroes Con, we’ll probably talk about all the awesome stuff that happened and all the fantastic friends (new & old) that we got to hang with on Wednesday.


  15. Curt's Mom

    Chris, you have a knack for diplomacy. (do people still use the word ‘knack’?)


  16. Justin Wood

    Great seeing you guys there this year! (And yeah I totally almost missed you in the shadow of that three story booth…) Keep up the awesome work!


  17. iRonin

    We’re getting drunk off *pancakes*


  18. A Silver Mt. Paektu

    Oh hell yes. Euge got some strange.


  19. Mark Mason

    Your new stuff is better, it is way better than it should be (whatever that means), and I would much rather look at naked elf boobies. But I’m reading still…. :P


  20. TheTreborSmada

    I stopped by the stand at Heroes Con and was thoroughly impressed by your work. My son picked up your Iron Man and Supes riding a T-Rex post cards. Looking for the right frames to post them on his wall. Hope you guys make it next year, I really enjoy the strip, may have to buy something to help support it!


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