Rap with us
May 25th, 2011

Rap with us

No, not that kind of rap.

More this kind of rap.

We’re trying to help you out here, Comic Creators/Editors That We Won’t Name. You can be excited and enthusiastic about an upcoming book or storyline without beating the hyperbole horse to death. I mean, surely you get tired of all this shameless hucksterism too, right?

Speaking of shameless hucksterism, be sure to catch our very own, Adam WarRock in Houston this weekend at Comicpalooza and Nerd Wars 2011!
It’s guaranteed to be a senses-smashing, soul-shattering, mind-melting, physically-flattering affair that will change everything forever!
All the details you need are here.



  1. Jeff

    But guys, if creators and editors start to act like they respect fans, then how can mainstream editor-driven comics sustain themselves?

    Think about the editors, Curt and Chris.


  2. Joe

    Stan Lee just wouldn’t be Stan Lee if he didn’t talk like he was an insane carnival barker speaking to a class of excitable kindergarteners.


  3. Markus Seaberry

    Nice strip, if only the big comics companies agreed with it.


  4. Greg Manuel



  5. Joel Priddy

    When will we see the LBFA debut of Hyperbole Horse?


  6. Koltreg

    I agree I’d like more respect in comics but what do you do if they aren’t going to treat you with respect? If you stop reading there are those 50k that will keep reading that don’t mind be treated like children.
    I’d love change but there needs to be a movement of comics that show the big guys that people can do big and new stuff again and be successful (and even if there is that, they wont likely care).


  7. Joel

    So let me get this straight. You want comic book creators to talk to you like adults even though you spend your days reading comics meant for kids, teenagers at the most. Does anyone see the flaw in this logic.


  8. hawtpawket

    “Ahoy reader! After this issue, things will be…quite different…for 6-9 months…until we need to return things back to more of a status quo so that our movies/cartoons/video games/breakfast cereals make sense to the casual consumer. But you won’t want to miss it! You’ll be telling your grandchildren someday where you were sitting the moment you read this shocking last page cliff-hanger!”


  9. MartiniManJoe

    Hey everyone good points buuuut…….you know WE are the ones who fall for it every time…we are the ones who buy all summer blockbuster crap….and continue to do so…but i love this strip!


  10. jason

    i kinda want stan lee to just go the hell away….or have the ghost of jack kirby kick him in the balls. either or.


  11. jason

    and big wig comic creators aren’t the only ones guilty of this lack of respect to their audience…movie and tv producers do it constantly, always catering to that lowest common denominator factor who either unknowingly or willfully keep buying into these same old storylines again and again and again. book companies are doing this nowadays as well to just try to stay in business, selling sad and or crappy vampires and zombie romance genres ad nauseum to tweens.


  12. jason

    in conclusion, if the market keeps buying into it the creators will keep crapping out stories “that will change everything forever!”*



  13. victorward

    Everything is going to change in my next comment – FYI


  14. suedenim

    What makes Stan’s hype work is something his would-be imitators don’t get. The readers were let in on the gag. Stan knew that the latest issue of Iron Man or whatever wasn’t REALLY “the greatest literary achievement since Shakespeare,” and WE knew that, and Stan knew that we knew that, but everybody had fun playing along.


  15. The Real Derek

    C’mon, admit it, we’re pretty dumb.


  16. Curt

    I admit it, Derek is pretty dumb.


  17. Stan Lee

    “Excelsior, motherf*ckers!”


  18. Locke

    Oh, Stan Lee, your cheesiness is part of your charm. Except when you make movie cameos. Please keep those restrained to only the crappy Marvel movies. (I’m looking at you, Fantastic Four sequel.)


  19. sloppyquickdraw

    I didn’t have to read it before I knew you guys were getting real with us. No bullshit, real talk with Curt and Chris. Next time I suggest adding a fireplace to the mix. Romance us a bit.


  20. Curt

    Chair flipped around backwards = getting real.


  21. Manuel

    Suck that Bendis and Co.


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