So it’s come to this
May 13th, 2011

So it’s come to this

You’d think Mysterio would be great at this kind of thing. Turns out a gazebo is not the same thing as a gondola. (Thanks for straightening that out for me, Curt!)

Speaking of Spider-Man and his rogue’s gallery, have you heard Adam WarRock’s Sinister Six MegaMix track? It’s incredible.

Speaking of Adam WarRock, have you heard his one year anniversary of doing music full-time song, 100 Bars? It’s incredible AND inspirational. And it’s ill as hell. It’s so ill it should be rushed to the hospital immediately. Other rappers, please #GTWSOMT.

Speaking of music, Eddie Argos recently revealed the top secret Art Brut project we worked on alongside the likes of Bryan Lee O’Malley, Hope Larson, and Jamie McKelvie.

So there. There are some things to check out. Besides this comic which we made and gave to you for free. You’re totally welcome. (Subliminal: Why not buy something from us?)



  1. Markus Seaberry

    Funny. I’m also glad you went with traditional, chubby Doc Ock as opposed to his current skinny, terminally ill, creepy version.


  2. algeya

    I really love misterio its my favorite spidey villain


  3. Jordan

    The loincloth is killing me. Not literally, but in the sense that it’s presence is making me laugh. It’s funny. You guys are funny.


  4. Lugh

    You guys riffing on Knights of the Dinner table?


  5. George

    The mechano-facepalm is priceless.


  6. Ken O

    The table needs more snacks on it. Very funny though.


  7. BeeBrains

    No way, Mysterio would be the most epic DM of all time..

    “You roll a six and cast lightning!”

    *lightning effects*

    “No Effect! The dragon is even angrier now!”

    *fire shoots out the floor*

    think about it…


  8. The Real Derek

    I’ve thought about, and decided you should look up the definition of irony :D


  9. Kadin

    You’ve awakened the gondola. It catches you and eats you.


  10. Locke

    I hate it when Mysterio is played too seriously. I love it when he’s made a pitiful laughingstock who wears a goofy costume and puts a fishbowl on his head. He’s one of those characters that really leaves me feeling undecisive on whether I really like him or not.


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