Old People!
May 11th, 2011

Old People!

As time goes on, comic characters’ origins will change and be updated, duh. Someday, Cap will emerge from his ice in the 80′s, and he will be frightened of Prince and Zubaz.

Until then, we still to get to see the sad, old/young man struggle with modern conveniences.


  1. Pj Perez

    Why IS IT that old people forward that sh*t? I love my mom, but she sends me chain emails all the time!


  2. deebeemonster

    I literally cannot stop laughing at that first panel. The words and the art are like a 1-2 punch right to my funny bone that’s in my face. And I still have 2 more panels to read! COMEDY GOLDMINE


  3. Chris Sims

    It is no coincidence that Cap looks like Curt and Hawkeye looks like Chris.


  4. Jen Vaughn

    LISTEN, when you love your parents you deal with this shit. That and the 5 year-old meme emails.

    I’ll always open those ice sculpture pictures though.



  5. Nataniel

    I can`t complain, my GRANDAD sends me chain e-mails. That`s just luxury, even if I hate stupid chain mails.


  6. lynn

    oh man, this is too funny. reminds me of an oatmeal i read once…

    aha! found it!



  7. David

    Actually… the 80s being 30 years ago (God, I’m old)… and Marvel’s “modern day” starting 10-15 years ago… Cap’s already passed the “emerged from the ice in the ’80s” period and is now in the “emerged from the ice around the year 2000″ era.


  8. adriana

    i’m crying from just the panel of cap wearing little old man glasses


  9. Dandy

    On the one hand, funny joke. On the other hand, it makes sense. I mean, Cap’s probably used to voice activated computers thanks to Stark’s crap, and a computer getting possessed by a ghost probably isn’t too wild for someone who hangs out with a god who talks about kicking the ass of some elves.


  10. Mike T

    Well, this is funny and everything, but…Cap was still a YOUNG MAN when he was frozen…when he wakes up, he will have some culture shock, but he can adapt to it.


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