May 6th, 2011


So, racists are being racist.

When we get a chance to make the LBFA movie, we will be color blind. I will literally destroy the color receptors in my eyes, forever ruining my ability to play checkers and see street lights correctly.

More stuff:

What if Calvin & Hobbes was an adult hour-long drama? We tell you here!

What if you could know all the basic mythology of Thor before the movie? Oh snap, we got you covered.

And if you live in Hotlanta (kill me for saying that, please) you should go check out our very own Adam Warrock and Tribe One on Free Comic Book Day at Criminal Records @ 6 PM or see him TONIGHT (Friday, May 6) at Duluth’s Titan Games at 8 p.m.

Have a good weekend, True Believers.



  1. Euge

    Does that mean in the movie, I could possibly NOT be Asian?

    Also, I am performing at Criminal Records in the heart of Atlanta ON actual Free Comic Book Day at 6PM, free show. Me & Tribe One. Don’t get it twisted.


  2. Captain Marvelous

    I will only support this if Mr. Sassy is played by Isaiah Mustafa


  3. Curt

    god dammit eugene


  4. chrishaley

    I will only support this if “Chris” is played by Donald Glover.


  5. chrishaley

    Free prize to the first person who can figure out who “Curt” and “Chris” are being portrayed by in the movie.


  6. Sven

    Put me down for a pre-order on one of those LBFA: THE MOVIE lunchboxes with the “SASSY COMIN’!” catchphrase on it. Also, I’m totally available to play Euge in the movie. Call me.


  7. Brian L

    I love this more than words can say.

    Also, I don’t know who the guys are, but I’d watch the hell out of the movie if you have Curt as played by Joel McHale and Chris as played by Paul Rudd.


  8. Brian L

    Though, now that I look at it, “Curt” is definitely NPH.


  9. Joel Priddy

    NPH Curt seconded. Is Chris Josh Hatnett or Hartlet or whatever?


  10. Brian L

    I agreed, gotta be Josh Hartnett.


  11. Brian L

    @Euge Only if they pick Donald Glover. Otherwise, hell naw.


  12. Malika

    Well, damn, you guys got actors as pretty as you are!

    Is there going to be singing in the movie? You know how NPH loves that shit.


  13. MartiniManJoe

    Yeah curt is def NHP…im thinkin since haley is the only one who like “superman returns” its gotta be Brandon Roulth


  14. Joel Priddy

    Oh, Roulth is a good guess. But wouldn’t Chris have gone with blue-black for his hair, in traditional Super style?

    Hmm. This bears mulling over.


  15. Daniel

    Is it NPH and Nathan Fillion ?


  16. chrishaley

    @Daniel – You are correct. Well done.


  17. Mason

    So what’s the prize?


  18. Daniel

    Woo! Go me! Do I get some sort of rad No-Prize?


  19. jason

    so mr. sassy is actually bishop of the x-men?


  20. victorward

    Before I read the comments, I was thinking about who the actors were. I was pretty sure that Curt was Mark Paul Gosselar (who is still way dreamier than NPH, FYI).

    I’d hit it with both of them, though, so: GayApproved┬«


  21. English Graeme

    I would like to audition for the role of Shane George, it would define my life if I got that role :-O


  22. Locke

    I’d imagine Mr. Sassy being played by Mike Tyson. Or Kanye West. Either one.


  23. caROline

    I’m just going to ask this question, even though I really know the answer: Heimdall was totally Stringer Bell, right? ‘Cause, hot. Is he Mr. Sassy as well? Oh and Chris as Nathan Fillion, duh.


  24. ddrt

    Mr. Sassy = Omar from The Wire.


  25. Wreyne

    isnt that neil patrick harris?


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