April 29th, 2011


So, Constantine is back in the DCU. And this is what happens when you let a character from a “mature” universe into the protected and slightly naive “regular” universe. Like, I’m sure Alex one time tried to “slip a finger” to Kyle Rayner, but you never hear him mention it to Wally West. (All that Constantine mentions has happened, btw.)

Robot 6 did a good recap of all the Brightest Day business that you should check out.

I thought it’d be cool if they had Keanu Constantine be the new DCU Constantine and left the other one alone. But nobody ever listens to me.

Also, read up on Superman announcing his conversion to Islam right here.


  1. Vinnie

    Constantine always know how to spice up a meeting.


  2. Joel Priddy



  3. Nathan

    I want a whole issue of John telling stories to the JLA and their reactions. I would pay $3.99 for that


  4. Koltreg

    I’d pay 5.99 for that.

    Of course, I also am now expecting a Flashpoint Constantine adventure where he didn’t become a demon hunter.


  5. Nathan

    It would be called

    John Constantine: Mormon

    He lives in the suburbs


  6. Andy

    Curt and Chris,
    I know Shane George lives down here in Alabama near (or in) Birmingham. Is he ok after the tornados? I live in Tuscaloosa and it is pretty bad down here, I just wanted to check on him.


  7. Flash Fact

    God, Flash looks like his puppy just died. I about fell out of my chair, great job guys!


  8. Mike

    Best. Strip. Ever. Cliche, but true (well, at least since “Hypertime to Get a Divorce,”which had me in tears…)


  9. sloppyquickdraw

    Guess who just got linked to? You guys did! Thanks for posting my guest comic last week. Can’t wait to do another!


  10. SKFK

    “That’s a nice story, John. Let me tell you about something that happened some time ago right here on this satellite. One time, Dr. Light and Sue Dibny…”


    boobby Reply:

    Constantine’s has had worse. His niece has been raped by his doppelgänger.


  11. Locke

    The Pope blew him? Damn it, I hope it was Benedict and not John Paul II. Not only ’cause I liked ol’ John Paul II, but because then you’d have a bunch of funny/punny names to call Benedict. (sucker)


  12. Markus Seaberry

    Wow. Hilarious and creepy. I need a hug now.


  13. David Uzumeri

    Chris, is that belt design a subtle commentary that Wally should be the JLA’s Flash and not Barry?


  14. Potato Skeleton

    Wasn’t Kyle once raped by Bueno Excellente?


  15. chrishaley

    @David Uzumeri – Yes.


  16. chudleycannonfodder (David)

    What issue/arc was the Pope blowing story from?


  17. Curt

    I don’t think it was in a story, he sort of just mentioned it offhand one time.


  18. liz

    Is that Joe in the last panel? :)


  19. 4 Comics, 4 Beers | The Thirsty Wench

    [...] his own title, “Hellblazer”, in 1988 and is DC Vertigo’s longest running title (and he also seems to be in the actual DC Universe now since the “New 52″ Reboot. John Constantine is a man who knows everybody. Nuns, priests, demons, angels, politicians, [...]

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