Swamp Limbs
April 27th, 2011

Swamp Limbs

So, Swamp Thing is officially back in the DC Universe. Yay? Given this, as well as the forthcoming return of John Constantine, and the fact that the entire root of Blackest Night is based on an old Alan Moore story, I wonder if Johns is trying to kill Moore with some kind of textual spell or something. Maybe they’re BOTH wizards and this has been a battle going on for years.

Johns currently seems to have the upper hand what with his weaving spells into every DC issue that features a black or white ring, but I’m sure Moore is developing an even deadlier spell, like, the A-Bomb of spells. Maybe he’s going to bring Herbie back. That might do it.

Shane George wants me to relay to you that he apologizes there was no continuation of his epic JLA/Lord of the Rings comparison from last week. He texted me that a tornado moved the trailer his library is in and he couldn’t find it anymore. He’ll be back next Tuesday, barring any more unexpected twisters, I guess.


  1. Joe

    >>Swamp Thing

    Well played.


  2. Brian



  3. MaxtotheMax

    I love how your Didio is always joyful and with closed eyes. He is JUST LIKE Brock.


  4. thomas

    That right there is some real conversation for your ass.


  5. Brad Curran

    Geoff Johns puppy dog eye really make me feel for him. Or do they just look like that because he’s been staring that so at the computer screen for hours?


  6. jason

    cool progression of expression. just noticed the weather change in the windows too! FANTASTIC!


  7. jason

    you should make and sell peeled banana stickers to tape over apple laptop logos.


  8. chrishaley

    @Jason – Matt Fraction told us the exact same thing, so you are clearly in good company.


  9. The Real Derek

    I like to imagine that Johns is reading the yam sex spread for the first time.


  10. Christian

    That last panel kills me every time I look at it.


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  12. MartiniManJoe

    Boy has Johns jumped the shark….bad thing is people still read the crap he puts out every month


  13. Dudebro McDawgchamp

    Wait, I’m no expert on swamp thing, but why is being able or not being able to remove the arms of the thing of the bog a negative thing?


  14. Brian L

    Because then Geoff Johns, who loves dismemberment almost as much as he loves bomber jackets, loses the biggest trick in his playbook. What good’s cutting a dude’s arm off if he’s just going to grow it back?


  15. Dudebro McDawgchamp

    But then he can dismember swamp thing as many times as he wants with no repercussions. Seems like an awesome situation for Geoff.


  16. Scud


    If there is no repercussion to the dismemberment it loses its impact.


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