April 25th, 2011


Friday night – Chris and I were at Zeus Comics Live Art Benefit For the Japanese Tsunami (not like, benefiting tsunamis, you know, more helping the Red Cross take care of people who were displaced by it, and, oh shit, you knew that, I bet) and this comic was our piece. It was purchased by a supremely generous person and we were honored to be able to help the show out. Thanks to Jordan and the Billiard Bar for hosting the event. Here’s the original art of the comic if you were curious:

Chris also did an awesome jam piece of Punk Storm and Longshot with Robert Wilson IV but we don’t have a copy of it, so if you’re the guy or lady who bought it and have a scan of it, send it to us so we can post it!

Some of the cool people we met were: The Zeus/Variants crew: Richard, Keli, Barry, Jason, Chris, Sean, Luke, Ken (extra thanks for hosting our asses), Parker, and Ken’s mom who was kind enough to show interest in our stuff even though the word “fuck” was all over the place and I was continuously stroking a phallic balloon.

If you’ve never seen the web series The Variants, please check it out. It gets so much right about the comic shop experience, the people who work there, and the people who shop there. We’ve all gotten sucked into that conversation with the guy who wants to know if Yoda could beat up Psylocke and if you’ve never been in that situation then you probably are the guy who wants to know if Yoda could beat up Psylocke. (Psylocke would win, btw.)

"Write More Good" & LBFA Signing

Also, thanks to the people at the signing who bought something or just promised to check out our site. I hope you didn’t find the effort you made to get here wasted. You guys are my bros. And bros before hos. (Eugene is the ho, if you were wondering.) (Oh, yeah, Brandon, Emily, and George, thanks for coming up from Austin! And thanks for the cookies, Andi! I ate the head off the bunny.)



  1. Joe

    “…And then nothing was ever funny ever again. The End.”

    Bravo, sirs. Bravo.


  2. George

    The Superman/alien theme is definitely pro – run with it. I have visions of a mini superman wrapped around a crew member’s face, maybe a little “Enemy Mine” action… ooh ooh a mini Super-bust protruding from a belly, telling Quaid to start the reactor!

    But seriously, it was great to see y’all again.. and thank you for the sweet sketch – Batman wins again!


  3. Koltreg

    Next do we get “If Batman Was An Orphan In Other Movies”?



  4. Darren

    Is that Vanilla Ice in that picture?


  5. Jordjevic

    I’m glad that when I woke up and said to myself “hey, i think i’d like to see Superman burst from John Hurt’s chest today” you guys went ahead and were all “You got it!”

    also what is with that picture guys, stop being so handsome what the hell


  6. Joel Priddy

    Love the inking in the strip, especially the middle panel. So scumbly!
    Whatever sorta crapped-out on-the-road tools you were using there, stock up.


  7. SexyBlackPat!



  8. Muhammad



  9. jason

    i agree with joel. the rough edged-ness to this strip looks pretty cool. the B&W version looks great as well. nice to see a bit of the process.


    sorry about the shameless plug fellers…


  10. Mathew Digges

    You guys, seeing Wil Smith punching out baby Superman brings me such delight.


  11. Miguel

    welcome to earth should have read “welcome to EARF!” (sounds like NERF)


  12. Mxy

    I believe the second panel was the plot of a Curt Swan story, “The Mysterious Chest-Bursting Midget Superman!”


  13. Markus Seaberry

    Happy Chest-Bursting Superman was creepy/awesome at the same time.


  14. MartiniManJoe

    Will Smith kinda looks like me….and i do punch babies


  15. thechrishaley's Mom

    I gotta say I like it! Great job guys. Finally, one I get! TM&TB


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