Guest Strip by Matt Ryan
April 22nd, 2011

Guest Strip by Matt Ryan

Chris and I are on the road to TEXAS for tonight’s Zeus Comics Tsunami live art benefit, so here’s an awesome comic from Memphis College of Art superstar Matt Ryan. We have only nice things to say about him because we might see him in real life and I think he’s taller than me.

Check his comic out here.

If you live in Texas come see us tonight or tomorrow or both!



  1. Markus Seaberry

    I like this guest comic!! We need more of The Enthusiast and Mr. Fahrenheit Jr!!


  2. Locke

    Do you care, Mr. Fahrenheit Jr.?


  3. Joel Priddy

    “Oh, the human world is SOOO corrupt.” I’m just sick of this line of gorilla rhetoric. It’s not like you guys have ever had a scandal about who was picking nits off whom. You think we don’t remember Bananagate? And your budget proposal is ridiculous. It just shifts the economic burden down on the macaques and the langurs.


  4. lynn

    that ape reminds me of an ape i used to know.


  5. victorward

    “Phallic Weapon” would be an oxymoron. Phalli are for good.


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