99 Problems
April 20th, 2011

99 Problems

So, Dilbert’s creator, Scott Adams, recently posted an essay about “men’s rights” and said a lot of really foolish things. Who would we be if we did not call him a dumb person? There’s not much more to say. Scott Adams is a Dumb Person.

Are we exaggerating what he said? Yes.


Reminders: Chris and I will be in Dallas Friday and Saturday.

Friday night we will be at Zeus’ Comics Live Art Benefit for Japan drinking and doing art and stuff. It’s at Billiard Bar and starts at 9 p.m. and you should be there because, you know, Japan.

Saturday we will be signing at Zeus’ store. We’ll have t-shirts and copies of our book and prints and and and YOU SHOULD COME if you live in Dallas.

Come say hi.



  1. Markus Seaberry

    Wow. I guess Scott Adams had it coming. Nice rendition of Dilbert and Dogbert, Chris. Curt, you didn’t pull any punches. Another unique and interesting strip, guys.


  2. j_smitty_

    Ah, you can always say it wasn’t meant to be a “factual statement”


  3. Joel Priddy

    Let’s all sign in under pseudonyms in order to leave comments objectively extolling our genius!


  4. Kachi

    You’re gonna be in Texas? Are you guys gonna detour by Austin and give us comics because we love you so much?


  5. Lugh

    Like Garfield, Dilbert is another long-running newspaper strip that is completely unfunny yet had a great cartoon TV series adaption, mostly thank to people who aren’t the creator.


  6. Charlotte

    Considering Scott Adams created an entire character (Tina) to act as a straw man for feminism in the workplace, I can’t say any of this surprises me.

    Frankly, I find his attitude towards the mentally handicapped to be just as repulsive as those he holds towards women. The only way to deal with the mentally handicapped is to ignore them? That’s the most dickish statement I’ve heard in a good long time.

    Well, save maybe for those made in the comment thread of that post you linked to. Some of those comments are…extra special, to say the least.


  7. jason

    “is wayne brady gonna haveta choke a bitch?”


  8. .

    Rather late, isn’t it?


  9. Neal

    It’s funny, I don’t think anyone actually read his post. Everyone is more focused on the unrelated examples he used to explain his point than his actual point. He didn’t condone violence towards handicap people or say women are children. He made a satirical reference to how to deal with a situation you can’t fix.

    There’s fair, and there’s reality. It’s not fair that women get paid less, but it’s reality. He made a very logical point, majority of women don’t fight for the high responsibility positions. Some do and some are better than any man thats walked this earth. When you start a job they ask you what you would like to be paid. Most women go with the safe number, while some men go for the risky answer. Not a conspiracy, just a difference in how the genders deal with situations.

    Life isn’t fair, but complaining that no one is playing fair won’t fix it.

    P.S the Mens Rights coalition are w/e they are are just a bunch of whiny frat boys that are tired of paying for dinners. Which he clearly pointed out that they should stop whining.


  10. McE

    Scott’s on a roll



  11. victorward

    Oh no! I love Dilbert. And I own non-Dilbert Scott Adams books. I have a printed and cut out Dilbert strip on my cubicle wall, right next to an LBFA one. OMG, I am part of the problem, aren’t I?!



    Hey, hey, hey, I think we’re all ignoring the genius of Scott Adams here. So he’s said a few things people found offensive? So what? I- Er, he has been in the comics strip business for a long time, and, thus, it’s impossible to have a career as long as his without a few overblown controversies. I mean, especially when judged by women and minorities, as their brains are slightly underformed, especially compared to the genius brain that I- I mean, Scott Adams has. Clearly, we all need to take a few steps back and let him have a little space, eh? Also, just to clear something up, I am NOT Scott Adams. I mean, who would defend himself online under a pseudonym after already getting caught? That’d be stupid. And I- er, Scott Adams may seem to be a little off kilter lately, at least to our normal, malformed minds, but I’m, er- he’s not THAT stupid.


  13. caROline

    please come to Atlanta and make me feel cool.


  14. caROline

    also. this made me laugh.


  15. Nataniel

    @Neal c`mon Scott, go back to work. Or even better: Don`t!


  16. delihound

    I read some of the comments on Comics Alliance and uhhhhh…

    Okay, so guys pay more for car insurance? Health insurance typically costs more for women, because being a woman is more or less considered a pre-existing condition. Also, if you ever get the chance to hear certain circles talk freely, they avoid hiring women for higher jobs because… what if they get pregnant?! Maternity leave, insurance and stuff adds up, yo.

    And sure, from a ‘pure business’ perspective you can say it makes sense, but don’t tell me that it doesn’t suck.


  17. Curt

    mad props to DEFINITELY NOT SCOTT ADAMS for being funny AND for having a Snatcher avatar!


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