Nobody Scream 4 This
April 18th, 2011

Nobody Scream 4 This

There’s so many hoops you have to go through just to get murdered in a movie these days. Like, what if I’m just not into scary movies? What if I love funny movies? Is there a guy that will ask me trivia about funny movies and then maybe murder me? Maybe I can be that guy. I’ll ask questions about Billy Crystal and then throw people off of rooftops.

THIS FRIDAY: Chris and I will be appearing in Dallas, TX at a Zeus Comics sponsored Japan fundraiser live art show thing! We will then be signing at Zeus the NEXT DAY, SATURDAY, ALL CAPS DUDES, SATURDAY APRIL 23rd, WE WILL BE SIGNING AT ZEUS COMICS FROM 11 AM – 4 PM ALONGSIDE KEN “FABULOUS” LOWERY, he of FAKE AP STYLEBOOK fame!

So, come out to the event Friday night, then the signing on Saturday, say hi and buy stuff and stuff. And, also, Japan, you know.

Shane George will be back Tuesday with something unintelligible crap, then a new comic Wednesday, then Chris and I will be driving to Dallas on Friday so there will be a guest comic. We’d normally be able to do that Friday comic, but we are working on a ‘secret project’ (yes, I know, I hate when people talk about secret projects, too, but, shut up, dude) so we’re sort of crunched on time right now.

Eugene did an X-Factor mix-tape that you should listen to. I mean, where else will you hear raps about Strong Guy?

subliminal message: buy something



  1. Joe

    Oh hey, nice to see Lisa Miller’s acting career is finally taking off.


  2. Andrew

    I wonder what kind of mobile plan the scream guy is on.

    I bet he uses burners. Harder to track. Let’s just make it common knowledge that costumed murderers use burners. There, it’s settled.


  3. MartiniManJoe

    I’d put my vote in if i knew what the hell a burner is??? I just wiked it and this is what i got…Urban Chaos: Riot Response
    From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
    (Redirected from Burners)
    This article is about the 2006 first person shooter video game. For the 1999 third-person action-adventure game, see Urban Chaos…….no help sorry


  4. MartiniManJoe

    p.s. haley…whose the girl btw??????


  5. chrishaley

    Martini – I dunno, just a random “cute girl” as Curt requested in the script. I made her blonde because blonde girls always get killed in the Scream movies.


  6. lynn

    she is cute. what’s her number?


  7. lighthousepilot

    Yeah, Chris, nice job on the cute girl! I suddenly realized I’ve not seen many Chris Haley-style girl’s and well, not since Inspector Gadget’s Penny have I fallen so quickly for a cartoon. There was that brief affair with the girl on Pole Position, but I think our love got cancelled or something. (I should specify that Pole Position was about talking, robotic race cars.)


  8. lighthousepilot

    girls. Not girl’s. dammit.


  9. Locke

    He looks so sad. Don’t worry, Killer Guy, we’ve all been there before, man.


  10. MartiniManJoe

    um again whats a burner …dang


  11. jason

    a burner is just a cheap, disposable cell phone, meant to be used once or twice and then thrown out so as not to have it traced back to you. mostly used by drug dealers or other nefarious criminal types. there you go. and i’m not a mustachioed, bow tie wearing, hipster trying to prove my “street cred” by telling you what a burner is. i’m just a nefarious criminal type. truth be told i’m doctor doom


  12. Muhammad

    Either that or you’ve watched season 3 of The Wire.


  13. jason

    there be no home box office in latveria! only latveria’s #1 rated morning show “doom and gloom” with victor von doom himself!


  14. MartiniManJoe

    LBFA comment section is a harsh place for folks with bow ties


  15. MartiniManJoe

    beware jimmy olsen


  16. VictorWard

    Joe, let’s use “burner” in a sentence. Maybe something like:
    Drug dealer version of Joe gets really upset when people mess with his burners.


  17. Andrew

    With all the disposable mobile phone talk, I can’t help but think I’ve inadvertently contributed to someone’s loss of innocence. Well, wouldn’t be the first time (or the last).


  18. Josh

    That girl is totally the daughter of the Wind Waker rendition of Link.


  19. Bret

    We settled it with the first comment.

    It’s Lisa Miller.

    Which makes the killer very lucky, as killing her runs a chance of getting Scott Pilgrim involved, and that just wouldn’t work out.


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