Fervor of Asgardian Debate Shifts
April 14th, 2011

Fervor of Asgardian Debate Shifts

Obviously all the news we take in is filtered through a comic lens.

If you haven’t already seen it, we did a new “Comics, Everybody!” for ComicsAlliance about Ghost Rider.

Also, if you’re in the Dallas, TX area, we will be at the above live art benefit show put on by Zeus Comic, The Variants, Billiard Bar, and the American Red Cross on April 22. Lots more info here.

The next day (which would be April 23) will we be doing a signing at Zeus Comics with Ken Lowery of @FakeAPStylebook. Once more, I must implore you to click on a link to get more in depth details.

Both of these appearances should be a lot of fun, and don’t worry, we’ll remind you about them again.

A lot.



  1. Andrew

    Yeah. I live in Madison. I’ve been there at the capitol and even Rep. Odinson couldn’t prevail against Walker’s evil regime.

    And unfortunately if Steve Rogers was to represent the majority of America today his suit would be covered in patches a la Nascar drivers and he’d love Charlie Sheen sitcoms.

    Also I really love your “Comics, Everybody!” stuff. Sadly, the commenters at CA can’t seem to take a joke. Especially one that involves Mephisto preventing the would-be legendary comic about the Vision and Wanda living in the Jersey ‘burbs, helping kids with math and earth science homeworks.

    But it’s all good. You guys are keen! Keep it up.


  2. Dan

    Did you give Fandral, the Dashing, elf-ears?

    (I know that “the Dashing” is an epithet and not an appositive; however, without the commas, it looks as though I’m praising the elf-ears.)


  3. chrishaley

    Dan – To the best of my knowledge, I did not.


  4. Markus Seaberry

    Funny comic, guys.


  5. Beebrains

    Isn’t Valhalla already a pretty sweet retirement package??


  6. anville

    That one-eyed bastard.


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