Enter.. Mr. Sassy!
April 11th, 2011

Enter.. Mr. Sassy!

Here it is, the next evolution in Let’s Be Friends Again. Look out for Mr. Sassy plushes, t-shirts with all his favorite catchphrases, hats and shit, tote bags, you know, the whole works. Eugene’s writing a Mr. Sassy rock opera that will debut in Hall H at San Diego Comic Con.

I’m not even sure who Mr. Sassy is the landlord of. Do Curt and Chris live in the same apartment? Isn’t Curt rich? Shouldn’t Chris be crying about Superman? Man, so many questions about the universe of LBFA!

Coming soon: The LBFA Universe Handbook Vol. 1 – From Anus to Zod.



  1. Joe

    So basically the new character in Don Knotts’ character from Three’s Company except a cat.

    This is simply delightful.


  2. SteamSaint

    Joe, your answer makes me as happy as the comic itself. This is all win!

    P.S. guys please don’t be joking about the Mr. Sassy plushes!


  3. BeeBrains

    Catchphrase 1: Meeeoooooww!


  4. The Chris Haley's Mom

    Well, is that what it’s like in “full time comic land”? I hope the something you need is not liquor..(you don’t even know her!) I sang in a band called Sassy, with your dad. That’s when you were conceived. I see you’ve conceived Mr. Sassy. I don’t know where you guys come up with this stuff. No matter what it is, I applaud you! TM&TB


  5. David

    ROTFL. Oh, yes. I like this, I think.


  6. VictorVonBoom

    I LOVE this guy!


  7. Captain Marvelous

    He’s only been on panel twice and he’s already my officially favorite character in anything ever.


  8. Basic Jim

    one might even say… A “cat”phrase fur Mr.Sassy, oh hahaha that IS rich.


  9. MarcusSparchs

    In my mind, Mr. Sassy sounds like George Takei. Is there something wrong with me?


  10. Markus Seaberry

    Wow. I literally laughted out loud at this strip. You go, Mr. Sassy!!


  11. CasinoGrande

    Not sure if you guys ever listen to Tim Callahan’s Splash Page podcast, but he was talking about the Architects feature in Fear Itself #1 with Sassy Bendis.

    I so want to see a team-up between Sassy Bendis and Mr. Sassy.


  12. Flash Fact

    Fuck. Yes. Mr. Sassy. That is all I can say.


  13. MartiniManJoe

    I would love to see a huge splash page of all the characters you guys have created george perez style


  14. Matt

    So much joy.


  15. Aconite

    I also can’t help but hear Mr. Sassy in George Takei’s voice.
    OH, MY!


  16. tredlow

    For me, Mr. Sassy has Ken Jeong’s voice.


  17. VictorWard

    A gay, alcoholic, cat character. I think I know two web comic professionals who have been doing some research into internet user demographics.


  18. Greg Manuel

    I instantly love ANYthing that employs the phrase “Let’s do this.”

    If he says “Come get some” at any moment, I may very well lose my shit.

    I am serious when I say this.

    Lose. My. Shit.


  19. VictorWard

    Catchphrase 2: HUNG in there, kitty

    That comes off less funny and way creepier than I had anticipated.


  20. Mikael

    Lol! Well everyone should have a Sassy Gay Friend!


  21. George

    I need a “Who’s ready for some Mojitos, you bitches?” T-shirt like yesterday.


  22. Ben

    Finally, a “Poochie” to call your own!


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