Not cool, Magneto
April 8th, 2011

Not cool, Magneto

We’re as surprised as you are.

If you live in New Orleans and you see the guy from Twilight wearing aviators and speaking French with two dudes from France this weekend, you’re one lucky LBFAn, because that is actually Curt. He will flash you for beads.

If you live in or around Los Angeles, GO SEE ONE OR ALL OF ADAM WARROCK’S SHOWS!

You may not have noticed, but we have an ARCHIVE section now (thanks to our intern, Luke) and we have begun overhauling the EXTRAS section.

If you care what we think, we both liked Fear Itself #1.

Have a good weekend, everybody!



  1. Amber

    Love it!


  2. Euge

    I liked you guys better when you stayed out of politics, and just made comics about fantasy characters like Ayn Rand.


  3. Donald Juengling

    and i was all ready to head to genosha until i got to panel 3… :(


  4. Andrew

    This along with his “Don’t ask, don’t yell” policy. Banshee would never get into the Brotherhood.


  5. VictorWard

    If I weren’t drunk, I would post something SO WITTY about James Marsden right now.

    And maybe something about how if this comic were a movie, the Neutron Dance would be ALMOST IMPERCEPTIBLE-(LY?) in the background.

    When I drink, I get really into punctuation and caps lock.


  6. VictorWard

    Shit, AND, I would say something about how you’re taking advantage of Magneto. In comedy, that’s called a throwback!


  7. C.Edwards

    Man, those gay mutants just can’t catch a break.


  8. BeeBrains

    Haha, take that Northstar!!!


  9. MartiniManJoe

    there a dude at my work who always uses the “adam and steve” line…better ? though is if wade is vogueing in his profile pic


  10. Apeiron

    Loved this for the amazing irony of Ian Mckellen, Magneto in the movies, being a gay LGBT activist. Good stuff.


  11. Brendan

    I like you guys even more when you decide to be inclusive in your comics. :)


  12. The Real Derek

    That dude really needs to get over his self-loathing. If only Charles had returned his affections during those halcyon days in Haifa…
    Also, I really like Magneto’s head in the last panel, nice composition.


  13. Pj Perez

    I dunno, I hated the characterization of Odin in “Fear Itself.” But what the fuck do I know?


  14. VictorWard

    Martini – Yes, I am vogue-ing! How nice of you to notice!


  15. chrishaley

    PJ – You may not like our next comic then.


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