Gotham by way of Baltimore
April 4th, 2011

Gotham by way of Baltimore

You might be wondering if we just wanted to put a bunch of cuss words in Jim Gordon’s mouth, which would be an admittedly fun thing to do, but, no, we’re just showing the crime-solving skills of Gotham’s finest probably mirror those of Baltimore’s. I have a feeling another arc of Gotham Central would’ve gotten into that territory with Omar as Batman and Marlo as the Joker.

Snoop as Poison Ivy. Yerp.

And to jump in front of somebody out there, no, we didn’t rip ourselves off. We just like using the f-word in the context of po-lice.

Another day, another plug for our store! Buy something, or, if you don’t see anything in there you like, let us know what you’d want. We know we need some larger t-shirt sizes, but we’re always open to suggestions! We’re hoping to take some photos of the t-shirts in action soon, so you can get an idea of just how boss they look in real life.

Oh, and if you missed it, the comments on our Rand/Dr. Doom comic have gone into insanely awesome territory. Thanks to everybody who’s talking in there, seriously, pro-Rand or anti-Rand, I don’t care, it’s just a morbid sort of fun to read.




  1. caROline

    OH, references to The Wire. HOW, I love thee.


  2. SexyBlackPat!



  3. Markus Seaberry

    Nice. I needed to read some profanity today, it helped take the edge off the suckfest that was my first five hours of work today.


  4. Cody

    With Gordon not wearing gloves while handling evidence, it’s no wonder so many criminals go free in Gotham City.


  5. Brian L



  6. Brian

    Who’s been re-watching The Wire? Oh, that’s right, the dude who writes this comic. I’m ready for the one where Speedy is selling shit out of a grocery cart.


  7. JasmineP.

    yay I’m caught up now! Instead of doing homework I read this all day, the way things should be. I may not get all the jokes (I don’t read supes too often) I do enjoy the ones I do get!

    I do want to draw something for you fellas. One of these days…


  8. Anthony

    Chris your art has been ridiculously good lately. Can’t wait for Roomier.


  9. Patrick

    Being from Baltimore, the nod to the Wire/Baltimore was fantastic!


  10. Jordan

    I really like the coloring on this one. Great job, guys!


  11. TexasNinjaBuzzard

    Thanks to everybody who’s talking in there, seriously, pro-Rand or sane and intelligent, I don’t care, it’s just a morbid sort of fun to read.

    Fixed that for you.


  12. Hunter

    I would like a t-shirt of this comic. Yep. I would.


  13. Hunter

    Seriously, though, you guys should print strips on shirts. I’d buy it.


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