Guest strip by Kachi
April 1st, 2011

Guest strip by Kachi

April Fools! This comic is not even by us. Though it’s sort of about us. Or me at least, as I don’t think Curt is all that scared of tornadoes.

For a little background, one day on Twitter I asked about where would be a good place to live that was low on tornadoes (as I hate them), and Kachi suggested Austin, TX (which is a place I’m already fond of).

Digging even deeper into the background, Curt and I first met Kachi at STAPLE! in Austin last year and then met her sidekick in this comic, Sergio, at ECCC this year.

Check out Kachi’s webcomic A Twisted Line as it features a lot of handsome young men with their shirts off that are not modeled after Curt and myself.


We did a new Comics, Everybody! about Swamp Thing for ComicsAlliance this week.

We also did a bunch of April Fool’s Day stuff for ComicsAlliance today. Said stuff is as follows:
1) Fake Flashpoint Variant Covers!
2) Fake Ask Chris column!
3) Fake IDW The Room 2 comic!
4) Fake tasteless story about DC & copyrights!

Please check them all out and comment about how great they are or how much you hate them.

And finally, our boy, Adam WarRock, is out in sunny California for WonderCon and a round of life-threatening, soul-shattering, rock-you-to-your-very-core shows. Details are here, and if you can make it to one or all of his shows you should do so.

I think that is all.



  1. George

    Ah – the ATX, nestled snugly in the country of Texas.


  2. Kachi

    IN AUSTIN’S DEFENSE- we got like MUSEUMS and PARKS and FESTIVALS and stuff. AND people that like Electric Six.


  3. pbeazy

    There’s also Chicago. Lake Michigan wind blows all the tornadoes south and west of us. There’s WAY more museums, parks, festivals, world class restaurants, and different neighborhoods than anywhere but New York for a fraction of the price.

    The only real downside is the soul crushing winters… but you get used to them.


  4. The Real Derek

    pbeazy speaks the truth. plus, if your serious about this whole publishing comics thing, a soul’s really just a liability.


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