March 16th, 2011


Today’s strip was inspired by the Lantern saga that’s become ubiquitous at DC and the minimalist webcomic about love and math, xkcd.

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  1. Koltreg

    How does this compare with the number of Xmen/Avengers?


  2. Joe

    Beige Lanterns: The Apathy Corps.


  3. Romanticide

    Since when the indigo is pink… oh wait, this is the same comic that made star saphires pink… never mind.


  4. Jason

    I was hoping for some humorous alt-text, ala XKCD.


  5. Curt

    i was hoping for a humorous comic, ZING – oh wait


  6. George

    …they’ve gone plaid!


  7. mnk

    Pretty much my exact reactions as well. GL was quite good at the start, SCW was great, Rage of the Red Lanterns was good, Blue Lanterns, Star Sapphire Corps and Indigo Lanterns are boring and unnecessarily complicated, Larfleeze is fun, Blackest Night was terrible, Brightest Day also pretty terrible.


  8. Dave

    I propose that seriously outlying data points now forever be referred to as Dex-Starrs.


  9. Frank

    Why the word “violet” is colored indigo, and the word “indigo” is written on violet letters?


  10. Curt

    What if the Beige Ring is the Party Ring and the Beige Lanterns party forever like Party Cat or Andrew WK?


  11. chrishaley

    I would love this.


  12. Lightning

    I absolutely love this. Never before has a graph so perfectly captured my feelings.
    Though truth be told I actually got into Green Lantern with Agent Orange, and then was quite baffled as to why everything else sucked so bad.


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