“The Pinky” ft. Brian Bendis – A true ECCC story.
March 11th, 2011

“The Pinky” ft. Brian Bendis – A true ECCC story.

What do you do? Shake with your other pinky? Open your mouth and envelop the other pinky with your mouth? Rub the other pinky with your own pinky? What the hell are we supposed to do, Bendis!?

Chris thinks Bendis was just big-leaguing him, like, “Hey, little webcomic guy, you may only touch my pinky. No other part of my body.”

Nah, we assume it was just a thing where you’re trying to reduce your germ intake, but, yeah, it boggled us for a while.

Welcome back from the dead, Haley.



  1. Jordan

    New hair whaaaaat? Yeah, I can see how that would be disconcerting. Maybe he was holding back. Like, if he had met your handshake with his entire hand, you might have exploded. Bendis liked you enough not to kill you, Chris; I’d say that’s a win.


  2. Dylan

    I think it means he’s a Freemason. He was testing to see if you were one, too.

    You failed.


  3. Joe

    Hand signal he’d very much like a handjob. Bendis digs otters.


  4. Euge

    The ten minute convo we had about this interaction was one of the highlights of ECCC for me. “This is totally a thing!!”


  5. MichaelWearden

    Thats gonna bug me all day. What the hell was he getting at? What did you do? Shake his pinky?


  6. George

    F-that, someone gives you a pinky, it should be met by a hearty, all-encompassing, fist full of handshake that envelops the digit and leaves him feeling “less than” for not extending the whole hand.


  7. TribeOneWon

    true story of ECCC part 1.5: this is totally how Curt shook my hand when we peaced out at the airport.


  8. chrishaley

    True story: This is how we all greet and say goodbye now.


  9. SexyBlackPat!

    oh man, this was awesome.
    y’know, i think i remember bendis talking about wanting to start doing that on an episode of the “Wordballoon” podcast


  10. lynn

    Hahaha! what a creeper!


  11. Atticus

    You need to one-up him! He sticks out a pinky, you stick out your thumb. Stare into each others eyes for upwards of ten minutes this way.


  12. Markus Seaberry

    Yeah, I can see how that would be super-awkward.


  13. jason

    why is bendis shaking? was he really wearing a bandolier like the goddamn chewabacca does. i like the snide expression on bendis’ face that looks like he’s saying “what? you’ve never done this before sub-human?”


  14. Greg Manuel

    And on top of everything else, a LEFT-HANDED pinky shake?



  15. chrishaley

    @Jason – He wasn’t shaking, I was trying to convey the idea that he’s moving his arms forward. I realize that doesn’t really get it across now though. And, the strap is from the messenger bag he was wearing. I guess I could have made that more obvious too. Learning.


  16. chrishaley

    @Dylan – Are you kidding? I pinky shook him. What else could I do?


  17. Doc

    Bendis’ face in the last panel is what sold this one for me. Perfect.


  18. MW

    You really should’ve lit up your face, said “Oh, really? Thanks!” and started unzipping your pants and bending over.

    He’d have never done that anyone again.


  19. Frodo Baggins

    Pinky and the Brian, they’re Pinky and the Brian, one is a genius, the other’s insane!


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