Guest Comic by Brandon Lam and Ronald Dario
March 9th, 2011

Guest Comic by Brandon Lam and Ronald Dario

So, as you can tell, sometimes plans go awry.

First of all, this guest strip is by Brandon and Ronald from Dead Ringer. They sent it to us a while ago, and this crazy week seems the perfect time to use it. We got to meet Brandon and his friend Mark at Emerald City this past weekend, and the guys were pretty much aces. Mark bought me a drink, so big ups to that guy.

So, yeah, where’s the new comic? I asked Chris that this morning and, unfortunately, the guy is too sick to be working on anything. I might actually have to take him to the doctor later today, I task I do not look forward to because I sort of hate being around regular Chris Haley, so can you imagine sickly, sad Chris Haley?

But these are the sacrifices friends must make for one another. Praise me, everyone, for my nobility.

When we went full time we’d planned on building up a buffer of strips just in case stuff like this happened. In the crunch to ready for our first full time con, however, we never got to that buffer. So shit’s fucked up now, right? Yeah. We did pretty well for a month there.

Sorry for not having updates for you guys this past Friday and Monday. We’re still learning this full time thing, still trying to figure out how to best use our time, and still trying to figure out what to do in case of emergencies, like this. Stick with us, we’ll get it right. And, in the meantime, yell at us in the comments about how stupid we are. We always like that.

-COF (Curtis Octave Franklin, in case you were wondering)


  1. Markus Seaberry

    I hope Chris gets well soon.


  2. jason

    thor’s giving kang a BJ in that first panel.


  3. Din

    this always makes me smile haha “Burger Kang”
    Get well soon Chris!


  4. Jay Potts

    That last panel literallly made me laugh out loud. Now I can’t look at it without giggling. Bueno, bueno!!


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