Phonics Comics
March 2nd, 2011

Phonics Comics

Mispronunciations are a good way to learn. You say something wrong and somebody corrects you. Growing up reading comics, it’s easy to say things wrong all of the time. Words like origin, infinite, omnipotent, effervescent, carnage, and who knows how many more were introduced to me by comics. You see a strange word often enough and you look it up. You try to say it in front of your mom and she corrects you on the pronunciation. It’s how we learn, and it’s one of the best reasons to give kids more comics.

But, if you’re an adult, and you’re still saying Magnet-O, seek help.


As you may have already heard (from us), we’re going to be at ECCC this weekend and we need to let you know some things about that.

1) Here is an officially branded LBFA Inc. version of the ECCC map! It tells you where we are! Click on it for a very large version.

2) This is what the new version of our book looks like!
Let's Be Friends Again: Vol. 1 - Under Pressure (New Cover!)
The art is by Joel Priddy! The colors are by Evan “Doc” Shaner! The design is by Dylan Todd!
The insides are still by us, which is less exciting, we know, but if you buy it from us at the show, Curt will write something witty and I’ll do a sketch in it for you.

3) Speaking of me drawing things, if you’d like for me to draw something for you at the con more detailed than the usual quick sketches I do in the books, I’ll have a list available for that at the start of each day.

4) On Friday at 4 PM in Room 4C1-2 all of LBFA Inc. will be part of the Ask ComicsAlliance Panel! We promise to try to be as drunk and/or hungover as possible so as to make for as entertaining an event as we know how. I’m told there will be rapping, free stuff, and possibly live comics making. Bring your A-Game questions for us!

5) On Friday night we will be at the ECCC Live Art Event featuring music by DJ Svengali Lad and DJ [Brandon] Jerwa live art by Jim Mahfood, Scott Campbell, Ben Templesmith, David Mack, Chris Haley (which is me), and more!

Come support the Seattle Children’s Hospital and watch me and some much better artists do some art!

6) We will have FIVE (FIIIIIIIIIVE!!!!) new T-shirts for you to choose from! Please buy several or we’re going to have to eat them for the next several months.



  1. MaxtotheMax

    You mean it’s not pronounced Carn-ahj?


  2. malpertuis

    Mmmmm… Love that New Mutant run. I mean, how unscary is a demon bear? But THEN !!!


  3. Joe

    Younger-Me had no idea how to pronounce “Azrael”… which is okay in retrospect because he was kind of a stupid character.


  4. Jordan

    Five new shirts!? Have you posted those somewhere and I missed it, or will you reveal them to the rest of us after the con?


  5. Dan

    A.) I never bought a copy of LBFA: Vol.1, so thank you for rewarding my laziness with a Joel Priddy cover.

    B.) Stan Lee says: Ne’er must thou utter such calumny as “Sub-Mar-EE-ner!” Namor respondeth only to the sobriquet “Sub-MAR-in-er. The accent on the “Mar”

    So, you’re wrong.


  6. Curt

    Dan – (that’s the joke. the first two are both wrong.)


  7. Dan

    Well, my secret’s out: I only read the middle panel of each strip.


  8. mnk

    Wait, it’s not mag-NEAT-o? Pretty sure that’s how they always pronounced it in the cartoons…


  9. mnk

    Wait, those are wrong? ….never mind then.


  10. Brad Brasfield

    When will C&C get these shirts?


  11. chrishaley

    @Jordan – We’ll reveal them online next week when we get back. Or (if we’re being totally honest) we’ll probably tweet some pictures of them from the show.

    @Brad – Probably next week when we get back. Feel free to go ahead and tell them you’re eagerly awaiting the arrival of the NEW LBFA t-shirts though.


  12. Markus Seaberry

    Bill Sinkiewicz’ art always creeped me out, whether it was New Mutants or his creepy run on Web of Spider-Man (I think), where Spidey is trapped in an insane asylum. That guy always messed my head up.


  13. Matt Drane

    “Adamantium” always tripped me up as a kid until the 90s X-Men cartoon set me straight.


  14. George

    On a semi related note (ok maybe not at all) my favorite is people who have been playing fantasy games for years and say “Pa-LAY-din” or “Pa-LAH-din” when talking about those holiest of holy warriors.


  15. Dave

    I’m sorry, the “Red Arrow” is pointing to your guys’ table? Roy Harper wishes he could still point at tables, guys. Too soon.


  16. Pj Perez

    I totally pronounced Sub-Mariner as “submareener” in my head as a kid. Also, the word “annihilate?” Another comics introduction, pronounced as “an-hil-ee-ate.” I also pronounced “Avengers” with an emphasis on the “a,” but maybe the Brits do too, I dunno.


  17. ChickenKnuckle

    Bill Sin – cev -itch

    For years I said it sync-o-witz. That was not correct.


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