Black History Mixup
February 23rd, 2011

Black History Mixup

I’m sure this kind of thing happens all the time. When will they learn?

As you may or may not know, Emerald City Comic-Con is coming up (March 4-6 in Seattle, WA) and it will be our first show since going full-time and forming the united, LBFA Inc. Naturally, we’re excited about this and have a lot to tell you about it!

1) On Friday we will be at the ECCC Live Art Event featuring music by DJ Svengali Lad and DJ [Brandon] Jerwa live art by Jim Mahfood, Scott Campbell, Ben Templesmith, David Mack, Chris Haley, and more!

Oh shit, I’m Chris Haley!

Surely there’s been some kind of misunderstanding… nope, turns out I will be doing live art for charity next to artists I respect, admire, and have no business bumping elbows with.

Come support the Seattle Children’s Hospital and watch me have a panic attack before your very eyes if Scott C. talks to me!

2) On Saturday night, we will be at KRACKLE FEST! watching our boy, Adam WarRock blow the roof off of the house and then tear the house down. (This is the most probable order of events.) Get your tickets now!

3) Speaking of Adam WarRock, he’s got some awesome new shirts that we modeled for, so you need to check them out if you are:
A) Into dope-ass shirts
B) Into dope-ass pictures of us
C) All of the above

More ECCC news to come!

Check out this week’s new Tuesdays with Shane George and become a fan of us on Facebook (I am told this is important).



  1. MaxtotheMax

    I think once you blow the roof off, the house becomes structurally unsound enough to be torn down more easily. LBFA Inc.: secret carpentry front?


  2. SexyBlackPat!

    i love you guys!


  3. Jordjevic

    Uggggh I want to be at ECCC so bad. Unemployment and taxes and new computer and shit all keepin me. dammit.
    Please have all the fun for me. I will try my best to be at SPX.


  4. Jen Vaughn

    Hahaha, UGH. I was barcoding the super hero section at my library and we have 40 odd Blackhawk books, some Black Widow, Black Canary and ONE Black Panther. Time to fix that.


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  6. Ming Doyle

    This one is a really good one, guys. Have fun at ECCC, I have heard that it is wicked fun!


  7. Pj Perez

    Somebody fucking remind me next year to not skip ECCC again, OK? I mean, I’m sure my decision to do Stumptown instead this year will not be a bad one, but goddamn. I feel like all my friends are going to an awesome party and I’m missing it.


  8. Curt's Mom

    This is really funny – not that all the strips aren’t funny. I actually get this. More strips for grownups! Or at least an occasional one. I promise to buy your products!


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  10. Markus Seaberry

    That’s pretty funny, although the comics nerd in me must point out that Black Lightning currently has hair again in The Outsiders comic. Other than that, awesome strip, guys!!


  11. Adam Black

    I’m not quite Black Adam, and I approve this message.


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